We are extremely proud of the range of support, services and information we provide our partners, but at the same time, we have ambitious objectives to develop what we do, to ensure we can support the College’s aspirational vision for the future. This is outlined in our Vision 2020 document below. 

In trying to realise Vision 2020, HR is undertaking a diverse range of projects. These projects are under the oversight of the 'People Board' and can be seen below.

Vision 2020's core objectives and projects


1. A great place to work

We will be an organisation that provides support to staff and recognises and rewards talent at all stages and any type of career.


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2. Leadership and development

We will continuously enhance the core competencies, behaviours and skills of all staff, to deliver the College's strategic aims and to promote a positive cultural environment.


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3. Adding value and saving time

In collaboration with others, we will design and deliver our service to be frictionless and integrated. Our interactions will be time efficient and add value.