You have a right to work in the UK if you are:

  • a British citizen or European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national. The British citizenship and European national sections on the UKVI website explain your right to work.
  • a family member of a British citizen, EEA or Swiss national. You will normally be entitled to join them in the UK and look for work, regardless of your own nationality. If you would normally need a visa to enter the UK, you will need to obtain an EU Settlement Scheme family permit (or an EEA family permit if you cannot apply for the EU Settlement Scheme family permit), which is free of charge
  • If you are a Turkish citizen you may be eligible to apply for an European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) visa which would allow you to work in the UK.
  • From 01 July 2018 Croatian nationals no longer require additional work authorisation or sponsorship.
  • If you are a Commonwealth citizen, and have a grandparent who was born in the UK, you may be eligible for a UK Ancestry visa which would entitle you to come and work in the UK.

To see a full list of the countries in the EU and EEA, please visit: