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Welcome to the Staff Survey


What is the Staff Survey?

The Staff Survey takes place every two years and is designed to help us gain valuable feedback on key aspects of your experience at the College such as your role, your development, communications, your line manager and your perceptions.  It also measures employee engagement, morale and performance.

Read the frequently asked questions for further information.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to improve morale and employee engagement levels
  • A safe place for open and anonymous communication
  • Generates new ideas
  • Encourages honest feedback

We listen

Here are just some of the things that have changed as a result of the staff survey results:

  • We introduced two new career progression pathways for staff in the learning and teaching job family
  • The Faculty of Natural Sciences introduced training sessions on managing mental health at work
  • We launched bespoke professional development support for clinical research fellows in the Faculty of Medicine
  • The Faculty of Engineering introduced active bystander training, which gives staff and students the tools and confidence to challenge poor behaviour, and it’s now being rolled out more widely
  • We extended the Lead-Engage-Apply-Perform (LEAP) training programme to supervisors as well as managers within Finance, Campus Services, Estates and ICT