Imperial uses an absence management system, called TeamSeer that manages all staff availability e.g. holiday, sickness, and other absence types required by the College.

Staff need to use the system to request and log all leave.  Family friendly leave and some other special leave types will still require College processes to be followed before the leave is entered into TeamSeer.  

You can log on to the system here. Or via the button in the sidebar. 


Benefits to the College

✔User-friendly and easy-to-use system
✔No paperwork
✔Team view feature
✔Alternative approvers
✔The new system will allow the College to report on and monitor leave types, e.g. holiday and sickness
✔Allows the College to report on outstanding annual leave- a requirement of FRS102
✔Supports the College to meet the statutory regulations around Tier 2 & 5 visa holders

How the system works

TeamSeer is an online planner, which will be accessible via the College’s single sign-on login.  Members of staff will raise their requests for annual leave, sickness and other types of leave, which will send an email to their manager for approval. 

The following guidance is avaliable to view:

How to log unplanned absence in TeamSeer

In additon, please view the video below for further assistance on how to log unplanned absence in TeamSeer.

How to log unplanned absence in TeamSeer

How to log unplanned absence in TeamSeer

System Administrators

The responsibilities of a system administrators includes; updating individual's holiday with any purchased leave, any rolled over leave (for 2017/18 leave year only), maintaining groups in the system and updating and maintaining individual records.

Please visit our webpage to view a full list of system administrators for each area.


Training and Support

Computer keyboard key which reads supportPlease contact your system administrator with your initial queries. Click here to view a full list of system administrators.

If after speaking to your system administrator you still have a query, please email the support mailbox, where the HR System team will respond to your query as soon as possible.


Computer keyboard key which reads trainingHigh-level training will be provided to departmental TeamSeer system administrators.

To request TeamSeer Departmental training please go via My Training to select a scheduled training session.  For training options outside of these dates, please email the HR System Team support mailbox

Frequently asked questions

Question marks on cards

How do I log into my account?
If your Faculty or department is part of Phase I or II, you can log into you TeamSeer directly using your College username and password. Please view the implementation tab for more information on the project phases.

There will be the option to enter holiday leave by keyboard or by mouse click. The company is currently developing a mobile webpage to meet Imperial’s accessibility requirements.

Who is able to enter sick leave?
Any member of staff within the College can log their own sick leave or log sick leave on behalf of a colleague. If logged on behalf of a colleague, the member of staff unwell will receive an email notification for them to confirm the sickness log raised is correct.

Please note, no other leave type can be raised on behalf of another member of staff unless you have permissions to do so. Nominated departmental administrators and HR are able to log other types of leaves.

Will my sick leave be visible to my team?
No. Sick leave will be hidden and your team will be unable to see details. The only leave that will be visible on your calendar will be annual leave, work from home days and training. Nominated departmental administrators and HR will have visibility to leave types so they are able to carry out their normal working duties.

I am a manager and have had some  line manager changes in my team. How can I update TeamSeer?
Please update any  line manager changes via Manager Self Service (MSS) at this link Changes will be captured daily and updated in TeamSeer automatically. Please allow 1 working day for changes to be updated.

Will the system take into account College closure dates?
Yes. College Closure dates will be entered into TeamSeer each year.

I don’t work full time, how will the system process my work pattern?
Work patterns will be taken from the HR database, and changes will be captured daily. If you have a varying work pattern (e.g. a shift pattern), a departmental administrator will manage your pattern directly in the system. TeamSeer will calculate your leave entitlement accordingly.  

I am a part- time member of staff and think my leave in TeamSeer has been calculated incorrectly. How can I check this?

Please visit our annual leave webpage, which provides guidance on how to calculate your entitlement (holiday and mandatory leave).

For details of how to calculate holiday entitlement for part time staff, please view our Holiday entitlement calculations - part time staff‌ document.

If I leave and re-join Imperial, will I have the same account?
Yes, if you re-join Imperial the system will identify you based on your CID and your account will be reactivated. 

Will the system link with my outlook calendar?
Yes, the system will create calendar entries in your Outlook calendar.  This feature can be switched off.

What happens if I am unwell during my holiday leave?
You must submit a cancellation request for any 'other' leave (e.g. holidays) you had booked during this period. Once the cancellation has been approved by your manager, you are able to complete the return to work form.

I am a manager, am I able to nominate a second approver to approve my direct report leave requests?
Yes, you can select a second approver in the system. Please contact your system administrator who can set this up for you.

What group is taken from the core HR database (ICIS)?
The group set up within TeamSeer is taken from the Organization within ICIS. For reference, please see below:

ICIS Set up






If I have any further questions who can I ask?
If you experience any problems with the system please contact your TeamSeer system administrator.


Policy Guidance

‌‌The following policy guidance is available to view:

      This document explains how the different leave types will be managed within TeamSeer, alongside College policy.

TeamSeer Holiday Quota

TeamSeer automatically calculates your holiday entitlement based on the start date, end date, allowance profile, and work pattern – please see TeamSeer Holiday Suggested Quota. If you wish to calculate your holiday entitlement yourself, please use the Holiday & Mandatory Leave Calculators for 14 mandatory days or 15 mandatory days, and Calculating Holiday Entitlements and Calculating Mandatory Leave Entitlements guidance.

In additon to this, the below weblink explains how leave entitlement is calculated for full time and part-time staff.


Introductory video for users

Introductory video for users

Please see this short video for a brief overview of the system