For full details on this leave type please refer to the special leave policy.

Special Leave [pdf]


Staff holding certain public positions will be granted leave in order to carry out their duties.


Members of the following bodies are eligible for leave for public duties:

  • Magistrates.
  • Independent prison monitors in Scotland.
  • Members of a local authority.
  • Members of any statutory tribunal.
  • Members of a relevant health body.
  • Members of a relevant education body. 
  • Members of the Environment Agency or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.
  • Members of an independent monitoring board for a prison or a prison visiting committee.
  • Members of visiting committees of immigration removal centres.
  • Members of visiting committees of immigration short-term holding facilities.

Requesting leave for public duties

Staff guidance

Staff must let their line manager and HR know of position in a public body at the beginning of employment or when they take up the position.

Complete and send your line manager the Leave for public duties / service in the Volunteer Reserve Forces [doc] one week prior to the leave request date.

Your line manager will update your absence management record on your behalf.

Any further leave should be taken as annual leave or unpaid leave and is at your manager's discretion.


Manager guidance

Reasonable leave should be assessed by the following:

  • Time off required in total
  • Time off required to complete particular duty
  • Leave already taken for public duty
  • The effect of the absence on the Department

Update the staff member's TeamSeer Absence Management records if the leave is approved.

Any further leave should be taken as annual leave or unpaid leave and is at your discretion.

Accessible documents

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