Dear Provost Board members,

Our pay claim this year was for 2.1%, which simply maintained the value of our pay for the period of local pay bargaining based on the latest available London inflation figures. We said we would be able to recommend such an annual increment to our members. 

You agree with the trade unions that staff have had to work particularly hard in response to the pandemic and that the College can afford 2.1%. However, you have decided to offer staff only 1.8% and use the underpay of 0.3% to pay for bonuses and the pay relativity exercise which are neither part of annual pay bargaining process nor accessible to all. This of course means an effective pay cut for most staff.

It is difficult to understand why management have decided that an agreed settlement this year was not worth the marginal cost to College but decided instead to cut the value of  our pay and redistribute the money to a minority. This low value put by management on reaching agreement with staff representatives on what you are acknowledge is a reasonable and affordable claim does not set a promising precedent, notably for working together on pensions.
In that light of this, we would welcome your reconsidering meeting our original claim which we could then recommend our members to accept. We will of course not share details of negotiations until you have had the opportunity to reconvene, and after then on an agreed basis. 
Yours sincerely,

Imperial College Joint Trades Unions