Additional College closure days- Christmas 2020

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I have already booked annual leave on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December?

If you have already booked any of the additional closure days as annual leave, you will need to cancel this in TeamSeer to ensure your annual leave allowance is correct.  Your line manager should authorise this change through TeamSeer in the usual way. 

You can log into your TeamSeer account here.

Can I carry over my unused annual leave into the 2021/22 leave year?

The College has agreed that for 2021/22, up to 8 days annual leave may be carried over into the new leave year which starts on 1 February 2021. 

In exceptional cases, for staff in critical roles who have been unable to take leave, HoD’s may use their discretion to allow an additional 7 days to be carried over into next year, increasing the total number of days to 15 for these staff.  These days must be taken by the end of January 2023.    

Will this affect December pay day?

No, the early closure of College will not impact on December pay day which will remain as Wednesday 23 December 2020. 

What happens if I am required to work on a College Closure day?

We recognise that there are staff members who are usually contracted to work on College Closure days who will still need to work.  There may also be a small number of staff who wouldn’t usually work on closure days, but will be required to work on the extra days, as well as additional days during the closure to provide essential services to the College and students during the Christmas period. 

We regret that some staff will still be required to work during this time, and the College will do all it can to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the longer closure.  

For members of staff required to work on the College closure days during the Christmas period, managers will discuss and agree which of the compensation options should apply:

  • An equivalent period of time off in lieu at a later date, or
  • Payment at the rate of double their usual hourly pay for the hours worked.  (This includes members of staff on grades not normally eligible for overtime payments or time off)
  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day will be paid at three times the basic hourly rate for each hour worked.