Please note that the dates outlined below are subject to change. We will keep the College community updated as the valuation progresses.

April-May 2021

UUK will launch its consultation with employers in April, which will run for seven weeks. This will give UUK the mandate for negotations at the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC). 

June 2021

The JNC will make a decision on whether changes are needed to contribution rates and/or benefits. 

September 2021

60 day employer consultation with employees.

October 2021

This is when contributions are scheduled to increase under the 2018 valuation. 

November-December 2021

USS consultation on Schedule of Contributions/Recovery Plan/Statement of Funding Principles.

December 2021-January 2022

USS will submit the valuation to the Pensions Regulator. 

Early 2022

USS consultation on Statement of Investment Principles.

It is still to be confirmed when any changes would be implemented.