The new grades have different names to the old ones – is my job title changing?

There are no job title changes taking place as part of this exercise, only grade name changes – as follows:

 Grade A  Research Assistant
 Grade B  Research Associate
 Grade C  Research Fellow
 Grade D  Senior Research Fellow
 Grade E Principle Research Fellow
Summary of the table's contents

 A grade name change does not constitute a job title change and so job titles remain as is.

I have a Fellowship, but I am currently on grade B. Is my job grade changing?

No – the name of your grade is changing, but the level is not. Depending on the fellowship and the job role, both Research Associate (formerly grade B) and Research Fellow (formerly grade C) grades can hold fellowships. There are no job grade changes as part of this exercise.

How do I become an Advanced Research Fellow?

Movement in this grade is dependent on whether you are an existing grade Level C member of staff who transfers to the Research Fellow grade when the new salary structure is implemented on 1 April, or whether you are appointed after this date.

  1. Individuals employed at grade Level C on 31 March 2019 will be automatically transferred to the Research Fellow grade on 1 April 2019. Staff whose salary on transfer is at or above the maximum spine point for the Research Fellow grade will automatically progress to the top of the salary scale, spine point 29. As part of the faculty’s annual Pay Relativity exercise, individuals at or above the Research Fellow maximum will be reviewed against the Advanced Research Fellow criteria to determine if their job title should change – this review will have no bearing on their ability to progress to the top of the salary scale.
  2. Post 1 April 2019, once employees on the Research Fellow grade reach the maximum spine point for this grade, those employees will automatically be reviewed against the Advanced Research Fellow grade criteria by either the Dean of Faculty or nominee as part of the faculty Pay Relativity exercise.
  3. Individuals may be appointed directly to the Advanced Research Fellow grade.

I started at the bottom of the scale a few years ago and now will be on the same spine point as those who will start at the College after 1 April 2019. Why is this?

The new salary scale has been developed to aid recruitment and retention of all staff in this job family and, like the old structure, the new structure has automatic increments. For those staff with an entitlement to automatic incremental progression, salaries will increase each year up to the maximum of the new salary scale. As part of the College’s commitment to equality of pay, new and existing staff are being treated the same, which means new members of staff will benefit from salary levels that were not in place prior to 1 April 2019. The spine points of staff in post prior to April 2019 do not reflect their prior service with the College or competence level. Applications for senior posts or for promotion are considered on the basis of skills and experience, not individual spine points.