Imperial College London and its recognised joint trade unions have agreed to set up a redundancy avoidance working group whose aims are to: hands around a table

  1. Take an overview of the change management process, relevant templates and to update these in light of experience and lessons learned
  2. Ensure that all possible measures are taken to avoid redundancy

It is expected that the work carried out by this group will ensure a consistent, transparent and fair approach to change and restructuring  undertaken across the college, and provide reassurance in relation to the process.

The group will initially meet six times during the first year, with a review of the frequency of the meetings at the end of that first year.

Working group membership

  • Ann Kelly - Head of Faculty HR Operations
  • Audrey Fraser - Head of HR Services (Chair)
  • Amy Austin - HR Divisional Administrator (Secretary)
  • Jon Tucker - Faculty Operating Officer, Imperial College Business School
  • Lisa Phillips - Senior HR Manager, Support Services
  • Andy Murray - Unite Union representative (Regional Officer)
  • Dave Cosgrave - Unison Union representative
  • Michael McGarvey - UCU Union representative

Measures to avoid compulsory redundancy

Measures to avoid compulsory redundancy will include:

  • Natural turnover;
  • Voluntary accelerated turnover payments, where it will meet operational needs;
  • transfer of cost of appointments wholly or in part to external funds;
  • Redeployment and training including to other parts of Imperial College;
  • Consideration of freezing  external recruitment;
  • Voluntary job sharing;
  • Voluntary part-time work;
  • Voluntary purchase of additional annual leave entitlement;
  • Voluntary unpaid sabbatical leave for personal refreshment;
  • Voluntary early retirement or voluntary redundancy where it will meet operational needs ;
  • Savings in non-staff budget;
  • Other measures to make savings if the reason for the restructure is purely financial rather than changing needs of the organisation;
  • Explore alternative funding.

Further information