2019 deadlines

In order to proceess the payroll on time, and to ensure that staff are paid correctly please send all relevant documents in accordance with the following timetable.  If information is ready earlier, please submit it as soon as it is available.

Dates for the rest of 2019 will be provided by the 2019 Easter College closure.

MonthDeadline to HR for:1
- salary payments and amendments
Deadline to Payroll for:
-casual new starters forms (Pay 8A)
Deadline to Payroll for2
- existing casual worker Pay8b forms, zero hours & overtime claims
Date pay credited to bank account
 January  3 January  10 January  24 January
 February  1 February  8 February  22 February
 March  1 March  8 March  22 March
 April  29 March  5 April  24 April
 May  3 May  10 May  24 May
 June  3 June  10 June  24 June
Summary of the table's contents
  • Note 1: This deadline is the latest date that department must submit requests for salary payments and amendments such as new contract requests, contract extensions, change of working hours, maternity, unpaid leave, leavers.  Potential changes related to other processes (such as pay relativity, promotions, bonuses etc.) must follow timetables published elsewhere on the HR website.
  • Note 2: 5pm on each of these dates is the latest that departments must submit Pay8Bs for existing casual workers, timesheets for zero-hours workers and overtime claims.  Season ticket and cycle loan requests must be received in the payroll office one working day earlier.
  • Note 3: The deadlines in April and December are slightly earlier than normal due to bank holidays and College closure days