‌‌‌‌Departmental contacts are asked to alert staff so that applications from Line Managers or personal applications can be made in time to meet the closing date.

Job Level Review Procedures


1. The College has five job families. Each family is composed of up to seven levels and appropriate pay bands (levels 1 to 5 and levels A to C have incremental scales and pay for staff at levels 6, 7, D and E is assessed in relation to performance). There are occasions when jobs "grow" and the following process is designed to review whether a job has grown sufficiently to be re-graded.

2. The procedure covers staff in the Professional, Technical and Operational Services Families (up to Level 6) and research staff in the Academic and Research Family (applications to Level B – Research Associate and to Level C – Research Fellow). It also applies to staff who have remained on the previous comparable grades e.g. ALC, CRA, Technical, Research. If the reviews are successful for any of these latter staff, they will join the appropriate job family on new terms and conditions.

3. The process for reviewing the job level of academic and research staff at Levels C and D occurs through the annual Academic Promotions process.  

4. In the summer of 2018, a new process for evaluation Learning and Teaching Job Family roles is being implemented.  The first Panel will meet in early September 2018.  Please see the relevant documentation on the Review website for more information.

5. Some staff roles are not covered by job families, e.g. Nursing Staff.  Recommendations from the Head of Department for a job level review for these staff should initially be sent to the appropriate HR Manager at any time during the year.  HR will liaise with the relevant faculty as appropriate.

5a)  All staff must have an equal opportunity to be considered for job level review and recommendations from Line Managers must be free from bias in relation to age, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, or bias on any other grounds. Part-time staff, and staff on fixed-term contracts, must also receive equal treatment. HoDs and Faculty Operating Officers are also involved in the procedural process and they are required to adhere strictly to the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment.

5b)  Applications for job evaluation cannot be considered in isolation from matters connected with an employee's probation or general employment.  If a member of staff is at the informal, oral or other stages of the College's disciplinary/capability procedure, the application will be put on hold until such time as the matter has been resolved, or any warning issued is spent. 

5c)  Job level review applications should not be made for at least one full year following a restructuring within a department, division, section or other organisational entity.

5d)  If a job level review application has been made within the last 12 months, whether it was successful or unsuccessful, a further application should not be made until a full year has elapsed between applications.

5 e) Applicants should have been in post and “acting up” for a minimum of 6 months before a job can be considered for re-grading. 

6. In addition to this procedure, the reference documentation for job level reviews are the Job Family profiles and the Level a – b Guidance.

Job Level Review Panel Dates

7. Applications for Job Level Reviews are coordinated centrally by the HR Division. Applications will be considered once a term, normally in November, April and August each year. The Promotions Manager will alert Faculty and Departmental contacts to the closing dates before each review.  Departmental contacts are asked to alert staff so that applications from Line Managers or personal applications can be made in time to meet the closing date.  All relevant information will be posted on the College HR Job Level Review web page.

Timetable of Review Meetings

Month of ReviewDeadline for submisson to Central HROutcomes disseminatedPromotion Date
August 2018 6 August 2018 September 2018 1 October 2018
November 2018 5 November 2018 December 2018 1 January 2019
April 2019 1 April 2019 May 2018 1 June 2019

Note: Faculties and Departments may have earlier deadlines to process applications ahead of the College review.  Please check with your Department Administrator for your local submission deadline.

Staffing Information

8. Departmental Administrators can request information on current grades and salaries. Requests should be made by email to:

Anna Demetriades

Promotions & Senior Appointments Manager

The Job Levels

9. There are seven job levels. The Operational, Professional and Technical Services Job Families also have sub levels, namely 1a (points 1-3) and 1b, 2a and 2b and 3a and 3b.  Level 3a is the first level in the Learning and Teaching Job Family.

Reference Documentation

10. The Job Families profiles is the core reference document for all levels. This is supplemented by guidance on the sub levels i.e. Levels 1a and 1b, Levels 2a and 2b and Levels 3a and 3b. The relevant documentation should be consulted before an application is made.

Please Note: A request for a job level review should only be made when there has been a genuine increase in job size - a review should not be used as a reward for good performance for which a separate mechanism exists (Performance Payments – to recommend additional increments or bonuses).

Making an Application

14. All line management initiated and personal applications should proceed to the College's central Review Panels but first, HoDs will wish to have oversight on the applications from their deparmtent.  Only job descriptions that are agreed by all parties, i.e. the individual, the line manager and the HoD, may proceed for job evaluation.  HoDs should notify their staff of the process that is in operation.

15. In faculties, it is up to the Faculty Operating Officer to agree with their departments if a faculty-coordinated approach is appropriate e.g. whereby applications should be sent to the faculty by a prescribed date and considered together before being forwarded to HR.

Job Level Reviews at the request of line managers

‌* Line Manager – read Principal Investigator where applicable

16. The Line Manager should complete the Job Level Review Application Form in line with the Job Level Review Guidance Notes . The application requires him/her to indicate why the review is justified. The application should include:

a. a current job description and person specification for the post; the details of the job description should be agreed with the current post-holder; the job description and person specification should follow the format shown in the Job Level Review Application Form.

N.B. applications for review of research posts should also include an up- to-date CV with details of publications/research activity;

b. an organisation chart for the section showing the hierarchy and job levels of posts above, below and alongside the post under review – the post under review should be highlighted.  Because colour charts are unreadable when photocopied, please submit black and white charts, using a font size that is large enough to be legible.

c. a supporting case which is completed by the Line Manager; on a separate page from other documentation.

d. The Line Manager's signature.  By signing the form, the Line Manager confirms that they job description, person specification and organisation chart are an accurate and true reflection of the responsibilities being undertaken within the organisational structure.  Please see paragraph 20 below for the next step.

Please note:  any application that is missing information or is incomplete, will be returned, and will not be processed until the paperwork is complete.

(The pieces of information most often missing are the Research Services stamp (if applicable), signatures of Line Manager, Head of Department, or Faculty Operating Officer (if applicable), or Organisational Chart).

Job Level Reviews at the request of staff - Personal Applications

‌‌17. If a member of staff wishes to make a personal application, it is helpful if he/she discusses this with the Line Manager to allow any issues of clarification to be dealt with before an application is made.

18. Staff complete the Job Review Application form and indicate why the review is justified. The application should include:

a. A current job description and person specification for the post which has been agreed with the Line Manager; these should follow the format shown in Appendices A and B in the Job Level Review Application Form.  Please read the Job Level Review Guidance Notes in full for details of the documents (A, B, C, D, E, F) required.

b. an organisation chart for the section showing the hierarchy and job level of posts above, below and alongside the post under review – the post under review must be highlighted.  Charts should be in black and white, (colour charts are illegible when photocopied).  Charts just not include the names of staff.

c. a supporting case completed by the Post-holder, written on a seperate page from the rest of the documentation.

19. After completion, the Job Review Application form should be sent to the Line Manager who should indicate on the form whether he/she supports the application.

Even if the Line Manager does not support the application, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the job description is a true reflection of the responsibilities of the post. (If agreement cannot be easily reached, every effort should be made to come to a consensus; where this is not possible, either party may wish to approach HR for assistance). If the Line Manager does not support the application, he/she should provide a separate statement which gives clear reasons for the lack of support. The form should be signed irrespective of whether the application is supported.

20. The Line Manager then passes the Job Review Application form to the HoD for consideration.  If the HoD does not agree that the job description is a true and accurate reflection, the HoD and the Line Manager need to reach agreement before the application can come forward for review.  No application can be reviewed without the HoD's agreement with the Job Description. 

The form asks whether the HoD supports the application or not. If it is not supported, reasons should be provided in a separate statement. The form should be signed by the HoD whether the application is supported or not, and the account details completed if a change of charge code is applicable. (If the application is for any member of staff who is based in a Faculty HQ, the Principal, or senior nominee, should sign the form in place of the HoD).

21. Applications for staff who do not work in departments within faculties should be forwarded to the Review and Promotions Administrator in HR – see paragraph 24 below.

22. If the post is funded from grants or contracts, the relevant Research Services stamp is required.

23. In the case of applications for staff who work in departments within the faculties, the form and any statements should then be sent to the Faculty Operating Officer. The application should be considered. If it is not supported, brief reasons should be provided on the form. The form should be signed irrespective of whether the application is supported.

24. The Job Level Review Application Form and supporting documents should be sent to:

Anna Demetriades
Promotions and Senior Appointments Manager 

in the Human Resources Division, Level 3 Faculty Building, South Kensington Campus.

In addition, an electronic copy of documents A-E and any other supporting documents should be sent to jlr@imperial.ac.uk

Applications must be submitted by the deadline posted, at the latest.

The Central Review Panel - Applications for Job Level Review

25. Review Panels will evaluate the applications. A panel will be composed of at least four members, all of whom will have been trained in the Hay Job Evaluation methodology. The panel will be supported by a Hay facilitator as required. The aim is to have a balanced membership and will include a minimum of two Trades Union representatives. The College adheres to the principle that a trained Hay evaluator should be able to evaluate jobs from any job family but recognises that evaluation of some posts could require specialist expertise. Where appropriate, therefore, membership balance will be maintained but will be supplemented by trained evaluators with relevant expertise. A member of the HR team will administer the Review Panel meetings and will make notes of the decisions which the Panel has agreed, so that the necessary letters can be written and an accurate record kept.

Statements which Accompany the Application

26. The Review Panels evaluate the posts on the basis of the Job Description, the Person Specification, a CV where appropriate, and the Organisation Chart. After this process, HR will supply the Review Panel with the relevant statements and Supporting Case.

Face-to-Face Meetings to aid Clarification

27. The Review Panel may consider that a meeting with the Line Manager (or member of staff and their Line Manager in the case of personal applications), or any other relevant person, may be helpful to clarify certain points.

Notification of Decisions

28. HR will notify the results by letter. Letters for line management initiated applications that are successful will be addressed to the member of staff and sent via the Line Manager. Letters for line management initiated applications that are unsuccessful will be addressed to the Line Manager so that he or she can explain to the member of staff why the application has not been successful. Personal applicants will receive their letter direct with a copy to the Line Manager.  Letters will be copied to Departmental Administrators whose names are included on the first page of the application form.  Please ensure that the correct names of those to be contacted regarding outcomes and other related matters, are included on the form.

29. The letter will provide reasons why the application has been successful or unsuccessful.

The Effective Date of Promotion/New Salary

30. Successful applications will be implemented following the review months of November, April and August as follows: on 1 January, 1 June and 1 October unless a change is requested, and the reason for the change provided (see bottom of the first page of the form).

Note: the increment date for staff who have not reached the top of their grade, is 1 October; this should be taken into account if a change to the normal implementation date is being requested or if more than the usual one increment is being requested. 

31. Unless a request, with reasons, is provided, on the Application form, the new salary will be at the bottom of the new job level (or, where a member of staff is already earning the equivalent or more, an increase of one increment will be given).

Unsuccessful Applications

32. Normally, when an application for a job level re-grading has been unsuccessful, applicants should wait a full year before re-applying for a further review.  During this period, the role may possibly grow, but it is unlikely to do so in a matter of months. 


33. If the Line Manager or personal applicant supplied substantive information but believes that the full remit of the job was not considered, then he/she should write to the Promotions and Senior Appointments Manager within 21 days of receipt of the decision. 

If a candidate makes an appeal independently of his/her line manager, the Line Manager and Head of Department must be informed that an appeal is to be submitted, and both the Line Manager and Head of Department must submit written confirmation that they have seen the appeal paperwork.

The Deputy Director of Human Resources (or a senior manager as his/her nominee who has not previously been involved) will review the appeal with a member of the relevant Trades Union who has not previously been involved. The review may determine:

(a) that the grounds upon which the appeal were made have been fully considered and that the previous decision should remain,

(b) to refer the matter to the original Review Panel for further consideration, or

(c) to arrange for the role to be re-evaluated at the next meeting of the Review Panel.

The Deputy Director of Human Resources (or his/her nominee) will report back to the appellant within 21 days to inform him/her of the outcome of this review. The Deputy Director of Human Resources may extend the time limits at his/her discretion in extenuating circumstances e.g. illness. If the appeal is successful, the change in job level will be backdated in line with the original request.

34. Please note when an appeal may be made. An unsuccessful application does not automatically constitute grounds for an appeal.

Review of Procedure and Monitoring

35. The procedure was reviewed after being used for the first time in November 2004.  It will continue to be reviewed before the first Review Panel meetings of each academic year to assess its effectiveness as a fair, transparent and resource efficient process and whether it is fit for purpose.

36. HR will prepare termly and annual analytical reviews for monitoring purposes. Suitably anonymised data will be made available annually to the relevant College Committees and Trades Unions.

If further guidance is needed when completing any of the documentation mentioned above, please contact the Review and Promotions' Team in Human Resources:

Anna Demetriades
Promotions and Senior Appointments Manager