There are many ways to demonstrate Imperial Expectations. The seven statements provide a starting point. They were originally introduced for leaders, managers and supervisors. As they have become part of daily working life, it has become clear that they have a much wider relevance.  They relate to and are the responsibility of us all. Their impact should be experienced by every person who works within the College.
This is how we respect and support each other in achieving personal goals and the College’s strategic objectives.

Imperial expects its leaders, managers and supervisors to:

(sentences in italics are examples to illustrate the statements)

paper boatsChampion a positive approach to change and opportunity

You lead and manage change taking into account the impact on people and the needs and priorities of Imperial.
You generate and recognise imaginative and innovative solutions.

colourd handsEncourage inclusive participation and eliminate discrimination

You treat individuals with respect, encourage involvement, and challenge behaviour, actions and words that do not support the promotion of equality and diversity. 
You comply, and ensure others comply, with legal requirements and organisational policies.

people cut outsCommunicate regularly and effectively within, and across, teams

You use communication styles appropriate to different people and situations to foster respect, understanding and collaboration.
You present information clearly, concisely and accurately to promote understanding.

heads cutouts and cogsConsider the thoughts and expectations of others

You discuss and agree what is expected of others and what they can expect of you. 
You give people opportunities to express their views and provide feedback, and you respond appropriately. 

people and cubesDeliver positive outcomes

You deliver results, as an individual and team member, and consistently seek to improve your performance and that of your team.

You monitor the quality of work and progress against plans and take appropriate corrective action, where necessary.

red carpet and stairsSupport and develop staff to optimise talent

You value the contributions of your team, and encourage and support staff to make the best of their abilities.

You give feedback to others to help them enhance their performance.

drawingWork in a planned and managed way

You prioritise objectives and plan work to make best use of time and resources.

You show integrity, fairness and consistency in decision making

colour paper boats

Champion a positive approach to change and opportunity.

people cutouts

Communicate regularly and effectively within, and across, teams.


Encourage inclusive participation and eliminate discrimination.

people and cubes

Deliver positive outcomes.

stairs and red carpet

Support and develop staff to optimise talent.

heads cutouts and cogs

Consider the thoughts and expectations of others.


Work in a planned and managed way.