Do you need a financial adviser?

If you are planning for your future, looking to invest, or affected by pensions Lifetime and Annual Allowance restrictions it may benefit you in the long term to get expert advice.

To help with this the College has signed contracts with a range of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) who are available to assist in reviewing your options. These firms have been assessed to ensure that they have a sound knowledge of the schemes offered at Imperial College and are able to offer a complete service.

What Financial Advice is avaliable?

Desk work

Chadwicks IFA

Chadwicks IFA offer a Pensions and Tax Advisory Service for those who require advice on issues around the Pensions Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance.

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Group work


clarity delivers bespoke, fee-based independent financial advice and education to clients and provides financial planning advice and services.

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Calculator work


Insight4universities specialises in advising University staff across the UK on their retirement plans and specialise in providing advice on the NHS, SAUL and USS Schemes.

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In addition, a list of financial advisers is available to view.