RankingAreaResponse rate
       1  College Secretary  and Registrar  reports  89%
       2  President's reports  81%
       3  FOGIT  78%
       4  Provost's reports  76%
       5  Business School  73%
       6  Medicine  61%
       7  Engineering  59%
       8  Natural Sciences  54%
       9  Student Union  48%
Updated: Weds 29 March at 13:00
Summary of the table's contents

After the survey closed in March 2017, the results have been analysed and shared with faculties, departments and colleagues.

The Provost, Professor James Stirling, and the Director of Human Resources and Organisational Change, Louise Lindsay, have conducted a campus roadshow to disseminate results to staff and to take questions and feedback.

Action planning has now begun. Each department is responsible for putting together an action plan for their area with a College-wide deadline of October, for plans to be submitted back to the Staff Survey team.

The results can be accessed and downloaded from the sidebar.