May - The community of Educational Technology Support

Our EdTech community meets monthly on AR and VR for education. Sharing best practices, updating on projects and working on a scalable AR and VR approach for daily learning and teaching practices.



June - Follow up study Biopsy Application

Computed tomography (CT) guided interventions are taught across the world mostly using a traditional mentored approach on real patients. However, it is well established that simulation is a valuable training tool in medicine. This project assessed the feasibility and acceptance of replicating a CT guided intervention using a bespoke software application within an augmented reality head mounted display (ARHMD) - the Microsoft HoloLens.



June, July, August - Summer AR/VR Simulation Course Math and Physics

Online visualisations are versatile teaching tools which can be used during lectures to explain difficult concepts. Together with Imperial Visualisations we are exploring the potential of augmented reality. We formed a network of 60 students using augmented reality for math and physics.



MBBS Anatomy 3D simulation study

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are strong technologies to enforce active 3D learning in the (medical) curricula. In anatomy teaching we are running trials evaluating the spatial anatomy understanding of students, in collaboration with teachers and students.