A list of Virtual Lab tools for both VR and AR. All these tools are focused complementing the on campus lab experience. The tools offer either or both VR/AR headsets and conventional Laptops as a way to join Lab-sessions. They all can be used without a headset. We have indicated what tools are free or subscription based.

This is a useful blogspot: How to bring your lab online quickly and safely 

Please note: tools shared within our network of the Immersive Technology Initiative are not necessarily supported by the college licensing service or the college edtech teams. They are meant as inspiration for further exploration together. Our team at the Immersive Technology initiative will help anyone in the network who wants to test and use these tools for teaching and learning in collaboration with the EdTech teams.


List of resources:



LABS (Subscription basis):

www.labster.com: Labster gives students access to a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. 

Labster was tried and implemented at BMB. For more information and feedback from the team please contact us: a.cowell@imperial.ac.uk

 www.labbuddy.net LabBuddy was developed and designed by scientists with knowledge of laboratory education and a thorough understanding of the problems involved. Tailored to meet the specific needs of lab teachers, it represents an e-learning and inquiry based teaching for laboratory education.

LABS (Free)


LabXchange is an online community for learning, sharing, and collaboration. It curates and creates world-class digital content, delivered on a free, online platform that lets you integrate your learning and research experiences. Here, you take control of your learning and solve real-world problems as a community. Useful blog

Chemistry labs: 


The ChemCollective's goals are to support a community of instructors interested in improving chemistry education through interactive and engaging online activities.

(!) Free during Covid-19: https://chemvlab.org/home/index.php 

Science & Math:


The PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.


This online laboratory brings interactive practical science to students anywhere and anytime the internet is available. The laboratory features investigations based on on-screen instruments, remote access experiments and virtual scenarios using real data. Several activities are available to all, while others are available only to registered users.


http://immersivelx.com/index.php Immersive Learning Experience (ILX) is a production team within the Innovation Center of Excellence at Adtalem Global Education (ATGE). ILX designs, implements, and supports intelligent immersive learning experiences (educational games and simulations using VR/AIEd) for all ATGE institutions.  

LAB Videos and animations (Free)


The "Digital Lab Techniques Manual" is a series of videos designed to help you prepare for your chemistry laboratory class. Each video provides a detailed demonstration of a common laboratory technique, as well as helpful tips and information. 


To have a full understanding of the theories behind the instruments, we use to produce virtual microscope data. These materials, which are still in progress, describe the basics of light, electron, and scanning probe microscopies, as well as how to operate the Virtual Microscope. In addition to these microscopy manuals, NASA has also produced teacher training materials, lesson plans, and conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of the project.

Nothing more immersive than reality:), please find below physical lab kits:




Other companies, like Carolina, allow you to assemble a kit for a lab youʼve designed and then have students purchase the kit.




For more software tools, please visit: