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Upcoming seminars 

Date and timeSpeakerTitleVenue
12 January 2021,
Dr David Bauer
Francis Crick Institute 
The Role of RNA Structure in Replication of Influenza and Coronaviruses Online    Event Recording
26 January 2021,
Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu
Imperial College London
Human Genetics of Life-Threatening Infections Online Seminar Recording
9 February 2021,

Prof Daniela Feriera
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Pneumococcus Human Infection Challenge Models and the Effect of SARS-CoV2 infection on immune responses to pneumococcus Online - Seminar Postponed
23 February 2021,
Prof Olivier Schwartz
Institute Pasteur (France)
Replication of SARS-CoV-2 variants and host immune responses

 Online -Seminar Recording

9 March 2021,
Prof Andrew Pollard Oxford University The Oxford Vaccine  Online Seminar Recording
23 March 2021,
Prof Sylvia Knapp
Medical University of Vienna
Protective Type 2 Responses in Pulmonary Immune-Homeostatis  Online Seminar Recording
6 April 2021, Easter Break No Seminar  
20 April 2021,
Prof Paul Lehner
University of Cambridge
How cells protect their genome from retroelement invasion Online
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Past seminars

Past seminars

DateTitleLocationSpeakerRecording link
 8 December 2020 Transcriptomics in Infectious Diseases: Studies in TB, HIV & SARS-CoV-2 Online Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi, UCL Seminar recording
17 November 2020 Uncertainties around SARS-CoV-2 infection Online Dr George Kassiotis, Francis Crick Institute Seminar recording
3 November 2020 Roles of STAT2 revealed by extreme phenotypes Online Professor Sophie Hambleton, Newcastle University Seminar recording
20 October 2020 Leveraging population differences to investigate the host genetic basis of infectious disease Online Dr Samira Asgari, Broad Institute (USA) Seminar recording
6 October 2020 Emerging Roles for Neutrophils in Malaria Online Dr Aubrey Cunnington, Imperial College London Seminar recording
23 June 2020 Current progress: Imperial's COVID-19 saRNA vaccine Online Professor Robin Shattock, Imperial College London

Seminar recording

24 March 2020 Roles of STAT2 revealed by extreme phenotypes Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Medicine Building, St Mary's Campus Professor Sophie Hambleton, University of Newcastle   
10 March 2020 Cross-differentiation of NK cells and ILC1 in the liver Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Medicine Building, St Mary's Campu Dr Viki Male, Imperial College London  
25 February 2020 Structural and mechanistic analysis of RNA/RNA interactions essential for Chikungunya Virus Genome Replication Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Medicine Building, St Mary's Campus  Dr Andrew Tuplin, University of Leeds   
11 February 2020 Rejuvenating the Germinal Centre Response Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Medicine Building, St Mary's Campus Dr Michelle Linterman, The Babraham Institute Cambridge   
28 January 2020 Mixed messages: cryptic gene products in segmented negative-strand viruses Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, St Mary's Campus  Dr Edward Hutchinson, University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research  
14 January 2020 RNA-sensing TLR signalling in human monocytes during RNA virus infection Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre  Dr Margarita Dominguez-Villar, Imperial College London    
10 December 2019 'The structure and lifecycle of HIV-1 - new insights from cryo- electron tomography' Cockburn Lecture Theatre  Dr John Briggs, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology  
26 November 2019 'Immune development in the human neonate and the role of the CXCL8-producing T cell' Sir Roger Bannister Lecture Theatre Dr Deena Gibbons, Kings College London  
19 November 2019 'Innate immune sensing of RNA viruses requires linear ubiquitin chains' Cockburn Lecture Theatre  Dr Brian Ferguson, University of Cambridge  
14 November 2019 'Connecting Infectious disease, Inflammation and Cancer: The Cytosolic DNA-mediated, STING Controlled Innate Immune Pathway' Sir Roger Bannister Lecture Theatre  Dr Glen Barber, University of Miami   
12 November 2019 'Updates from The London Patient' Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre Professor Ravi Gupta, University of Cambridge  
29 October 2019 'Enteric nervous system: Development and roles in gut (patho) physiology' Cockburn Lecture Theatre Dr Vassilis Pachnis   
15 October 2019 'HIV restriction by SAMHD1' Sir Roger Bannister Lecture Theatre

Dr Kate Bishop, The Francis Crick Institute

1 October 2019 'Regulation of inflammation by the TPL-2 kinase complex' Cockburn Lecture Theatre Professor Steven Ley, Imperial College London  
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