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Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Prof. Richard Thompson

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7594 3606
Personal homepage

1973-76 BA (Physics), University of OxfordRichard
1976-80 DPhil (Atomic Spectroscopy), University of Oxford
1981-82 Post-Doctoral R A, Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe
1982-83 Post-Doctoral R A, University of Oxford
1983-86 Researcher, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
1986-92 Lecturer, Imperial College London
1992-2003 Reader, Imperial College London
2003-  Professor, Imperial College London

Richard did his DPhil at the University of Oxford in the area of atomic spectroscopy (pressure broadening of spectral lines). He then spent a year working at the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe on laser spectroscopy of unstable isotopes. After a further year in Oxford working mainly on the Oxford atomic parity violation experiment he moved to the National Physical Laboratory where he was involved in the first UK experiment on laser cooling of trapped ions. He moved to Imperial College as a lecturer in 1986 where he set up experiments on quantum optics with laser-cooled trapped ions. These experiments now include work on Coulomb crystals and ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy.  He is also currently involved in the SPECTRAP project at GSI Darmstadt. He is now a Professor of Experimental Physics at Imperial College.

Dr. Florian Mintert


Personal homepage

2000 Diplom, University of Hamburg
2004 PhD, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich
2004-05 PostDoc with Luiz Davidovich, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro
2005-07 PostDoc with Eric J. Heller, Harvard, Cambridge MA
2007-10 PostDoc with Andreas Buchleitner, Albert-Ludwigs
University Freiburg
2010-13 group leader, Freiburg Institute for Advanced
Studies since 2013 Senior Lecturer, Imperial College 

Florian Florian worked with Christof Wunderlich in Hamburg, developing ideas for micro-wave control of trapped ions. He received his PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich for work on entanglement measures with Andreas Buchleitner. After being PostDoc in Rio de Janeiro, Cambridge MA and Freiburg, he was group leader at the Freiburg Institute for Advances Studies. Since 2013 he is at Imperial working on optimal control of quantum systems, in particular of trapped ions. 

Prof. Danny Segal (27/8/1960 - 23/9/2015)

Prof. Danny SegalPlease click here to read a tribute to Danny

1980-83 BSc (Physics), University of Manchester
1984-88 PhD, Imperial College
1988-91 Post-Doctoral R A, University of Oxford
1991-93 Post-Doctoral R A, Imperial College London
1993-98 EPSRC Advanced Fellow, Imperial College London
1998-2001 Lecturer, Imperial College London
2001-04 Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London
2004-11 Reader, Imperial College London
2011-  Professor and Senior Tutor of Physics, Imperial College London

Danny did his PhD and early post-doctoral work in collision physics before joining the ion trapping group at Imperial College, initially as a post doc. He is now a Professor of Quantum Optics and his interests lie in using trapped ions for experiments in quantum optics and for tests of fundamental physics. He has been involved in the co-ordination of a number of EU networks including QUBITS, QGATES and SCALA. He was also involved in a collaboration with the Open University (UK) and the University of Hertfordshire (UK) on giant Kerr nonlinearities in EIT systems and has been a visiting Professor at the University of Paris XIII.

Research Associate


PhD Students

Pavel Hrmo

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7594 7884


2013-2014 MRes (Controlled Quantum Dynamics), Imperial College

2014 PhD (Controlled Quantum Dynamics), Imperial College London

Pavel is currently working on schemes for efficient ion detection. He is funded by the Controlled Quantum Dynamics DTC.

Vincent Jarlaud

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7594 7884


2014- PhD (Frontiers in Quantum Technology), Imperial College

Vince is currently working on a direct digital synthesised frequency source for the experiment.

Manoj Joshi

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7594 7884


2003-2006 BSc (Physics), Kumaun University, Nainital
2007-2009 MSc (Physics), GBPUAT Pantnagar
2009-2010 OCES, BARC Training School
2010-2014 Scientific Officer, BARC, Mumbai
2014- PhD (Frontiers in Quantum Technology), Imperial College

Manoj is currently working on laser intensity stabilisation and on ion detection techniques.

Ollie Corfield 



2017- PhD (Quantum Systems Engineering), Imperial College


Jake Lishman 



2017- PhD (Quantum Systems Engineering), Imperial College


Past Members

Past Post-docs

Graham Stutter  CERN/Aarhus
Joseph Goodwin  Oxford
Dan Crick  TTP Cambridge
Shailen Bharadia   
Bakry Abdulla
Danyal Winters  GSI Darmstadt
Manuel Vogel   GSI Darmstadt
Arno de Lange   SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Past PhD Students

Graham Stutter   CERN/Aarhus
Joseph Goodwin  Oxford

Sandeep Mavadia  EQUS, University of Sydney

Shailen Bharadia
Sean Donnellan  NPL, Teddington

Dan Crick  TTP Cambridge

Hamid Ohadi  University of Southampton

Rafael Castrejón-Pita  Queen Mary University of London

Rich Hendricks  NPL, Teddington

Eoin Phillips   

Kingston Koo   St Paul’s Girls School London

Hebe Powell

Past MRes/MSc Students

Jieyi Liu
Malcolm Simpson
Franziska Beck