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Welcome from the Scheme Director

The Graduate Management Training Scheme at Imperial College London is a fundamental element of the College’s talent management and career progression initiative. Since its inception in 1998, the Scheme has helped the development of high potential individuals who have worked to consolidate, and build upon, our reputation as a world class university. The Scheme celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018, and we are especially proud of its legacy.

Throughout this period, Management Trainees have applied successfully for a wide range of posts at Imperial and, subsequently, have gained promotion. Currently, close to 50 per cent of all former trainees are still at the College in varied managerial or specialist roles. 

The Scheme’s series of placements encompass education, research, students, people, planning, income generation, partnerships, communications and service provision. Placements are augmented by training, mentoring and external study opportunities, enabling participants to be well-placed to apply for vacant positions.

Of crucial importance to the Scheme are the placement managers who are responsible for agreeing objectives, monitoring and supporting progress and undertaking mid and end of placement reviews. Additionally, a key component is that the second-year trainees act as co-ordinators each year, providing the Scheme with continuity and cohesion.

The Scheme is only as good as those who apply and are selected. It is stretching. If you wish to make a significant contribution and, at the same time, develop a range of important skills, this handbook will help you to find out more about what the Scheme entails.
Kim Everitt

Kim Everitt
Scheme Director