What did you do before joining the scheme?

I studied History at University where I was heavily involved in several outreach programmes, it was then that I decided I was interested in outreach or higher education as a career. After I graduated in 2018, I spent 6 months as an Outreach and Recruitment Officer working on outreach and recruitment strategy and implementation. Corinne

What attracted you to the scheme?

I was most attracted to the scheme by the number of rotational placements. Having experienced a lot of outreach, both at university and then professionally, I felt that I had a significant gap in my knowledge around how universities themselves really functioned so was searching for a job that would give me a more comprehensive view of the sector and help me broaden my career options. The Imperial Management Trainee scheme seemed perfect as it offered multiple placements and lots of responsibility whilst focussing on professional and personal development.

What would be your one tip for applicants?

My advice would be to keep your supporting statement concise and to the point. Use your experiences (which don’t have to be in HE) to evidence each of the applicant criteria but don’t waffle. Before the interview make sure you have a reasonable understanding of some current issues and topics within the sector so you have a few things to talk about, and then be honest and be yourself!