What did you do before joining the training scheme?Cynthia

I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Classics in 2015, and joined the scheme directly after that.

What attracted you to the scheme?

I did a summer internship once in the Faculty of Law at Oxford and I enjoyed it a lot. I knew I wanted to explore the higher education sector further, but I didn’t have a particular area in mind, so the variety of placements in the scheme really appealed to me.

What are your highlights so far based on your time on the scheme so far?

During my first placement I spent some time working in the Imperial Enterprise Lab, which supports the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators and aims to maximise the enterprising culture at Imperial. I had an amazing time working on coordinating and promoting Enterprise Week 2017, a week of events celebrating Imperial’s entrepreneurs and innovators. It was so wonderfully energising to see the incredible creativity, intelligence, and passion embodied in the entrepreneurial ideas and achievements of Imperial students.

What would be your one tip for applicants?

Do some research into the higher education sector and into the work that Imperial does, and let that excite and motivate you! There is always so much going on at the College to be inspired by and to get involved in, and there are lots of areas that may surprise you, that you may never have heard of or thought about. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do: one of the advantages of the scheme is that you can figure that out as you go along. But it’s good to have some understanding of the interesting and diverse breadth of work that happens at the College.