What did I do before the training scheme? 

I studied Classics as an undergraduate and joined the scheme very soon after I graduated in 2018 as my first long term job. I did not have much experience working in Higher Education before the scheme but had done a lot of outreach work at university and worked in schools which tied in nicely with my first placement in Student Recruitment and Outreach. 

What attracted you to the scheme? 

This graduate scheme is unique in genuinely placing the emphasis on the individual and their professional development. Trainees are not only given the opportunity to enhance their own experience through training courses and rotations but are also given responsibility which makes them feel genuinely useful towards the running of the college. The variety of different placements on offer also means that there is an opportunity to learn a wide range of skills. 

What advice would you give to applicants? 

Look carefully at the list of required skills and qualities and be able to give specific examples of when you met those criteria. This does not necessarily have to be connected to previous experience in university administration because I had no experience in the sector before applying.