What did you do before joining the training scheme? 

RobI studied for a degree in Theology, and after graduating I spent a year as a sabbatical officer at the university's students' union. During my studies I was involved as a student representative, and I also worked within the university on two occasions, performing a different role each time - first during a summer vacation and then immediately prior to starting at Imperial.

What attracted you to the scheme?

Through a combination of being involved with student representation and having worked within a university, I was attracted to developing a career in higher education administration and management. I was particularly drawn to the scheme because it offers trainees an opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, and also to experience different professional functions within the College. As well as affording many opportunities for personal development, the scheme also exposes trainees to the work of a world-leading institution.

What would be your one tip for applicants?

The scheme offers a fantastic set of opportunities and I would strongly recommend applying. The higher education sector is an interesting place – and it is also constantly changing and developing. My advice would be to do some research into what the College does, as well as into some current issues in higher education policy, in order to be well informed about the kind of work you may be doing on the scheme.