Translation Services

Please find below a list of Language staff able to provide translation services to staff and students from Imperial College. Any arrangements concerning translation work will need to be made directly between client and translator. The Centre for Culture, Languages and Communication accepts no liability for any aspect of the work provided. 

How to organise for payment
The fees for the translation services should be agreed with the translator (as this is not a service provided by the CLCC).
Whenever a job is requested by a department from Imperial College, instructions should be sent to Payroll to pay the translator.

Staff offering Translation services
Language and specialtyNameEmail
 German to English (medicine, biochemistry and technical translation) Dr Manya Elrick m.elrick
 Spanish to English / Spanish to English  

Dr. Óscar Salgado Suárez
 Mandarin Chinese to English / English to Mandarin Chinese Ms Shiyao Wang

 Mandarin Chinese to English / English to Mandarin Chinese

 Dr Rong Guo
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Staff offering Translation services