Available Projects

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD in cellular bionics from 2019, please follow the stops below: 

1. please apply on the Imperial College Gateway 

        Imperial College Gateway details for the application:

General sectionFinancial Support section
Course type:                              Postgraduate Research / Doctoral

Academic Programme:             Chemistry Research (PhD)

Proposed Start Date:                30.09.2019

Proposed Research Topic:       Cellular Bionics

Name of Scholarship: Leverhulme DTP

Amount: ~£62,000 (both)

Award Status: unconfirmed


Summary of the table's contents

2. please clearly indicate in your statement of support which project(s) you are applying to (you will be able to upload this once you've submitted the first part of the application)

3. please send Dr Natalia Goehring an email notifying us that you are applying to the Cellular Bionics studentships and specifying which project(s) you are applying to


You can find a list of studentships entry 2019 on the Studentship page.


These projects are funded by the Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme in Cellular Bionics  and provide a 3 year PhD stipend covering UK/EU fees and a competitve bursary at UKRI level, in addition to a London allowance.