The Imperial Network of Excellence in Sustainability through Life Cycle Approaches brings together and connects life cycle-related research and researchers across Imperial College London. The Imperial Life Cycle Network also connects its members to the wider life cycle community, linking to external practitioners and groups active in using and applying the life cycle concept and related methodologies for sustainable development. The purpose of the Network is to foster collaborations and facilitate networking, as well as to share knowledge and contribute to advancements within the life cycle field.

Governance structure

The Imperial Network of Excellence in Sustainability through Life Cycle Approaches is hosted by the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London. The co-leaders of the Network are Dr Mireille Rack and Dr Onesmus Mwabonje. The Network is further governed by an Advisory Board and a Steering Committee.

The Advisory Board provides high-level input regarding the Network’s overall strategic direction, advising on its aims, activities and development. The Advisory Board structure includes a Chair, an internal Imperial College London (ICL) board and external board members, see list below.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Network. The committee is led by a Chair and consists of representative(s) from the participating ICL departments, see list below.

Network committee members

Internal Advisory Board members

Centre for Environmental Policy

  • Dr Jeremy Woods (Chair)
  • Professor Nick Voulvoulis

Chemical Engineering

  • Professor Nilay Shah
  • Professor Magda Titirici 


  • Professor Paul Lickiss 

Mechanical Engineering

  • Professor Peter Linstedt 

Business School

  • Professor Maurizio Zollo

External Advisory Board members

  • Professor Richard Murphy, University of Surrey
  • Dr Aiduan Borrion, UCL
  • Dr Carly Whittaker, Department for Transport
  • Dr Rocio Diaz-Chavez, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Bryan Hartlin, ERM
  • Dr Sarah Sim, Unilever
  • Dr Sandy Smith, Sphera (previously thinkstep)

Steering Committee members

  • Dr Eva Sevigné-Itoiz (Chair), Centre for Environmental Policy
  • Dr Rupert Myers, Civil Engineering
  • Dr Sara Giarola, Sustainable Gas Institute
  • Juliana Salazar, Earth Science & Engineering
  • Daniel Greenblatt, Mechanical Engineering
  • Maria Vinogradova, Centre for Environmental Policy