Flow cytometry offers the ability for a user to either analyse or isolate cells based on their phenotypic or functional properties. These properties can be defined in a number of ways – from extracellular or intracellular markers and proteins through to DNA content and cellular processes such as Calcium flux and membrane potential. Fluorescences used to detect these properties cover the spectrum from UV to far-red and are constantly increasing in versatility.

The purpose of the facility is to provide state of the art Flow Cytometry equipment, training and expertise. All of the analysers can be booked and used by trained personnel.

Flow Cytometers in the Facility

Flow CytometerLasersFluorescent Parameters
BD FACSAria III  14 
BD Fortessa  18 
BD Fortessa  14 
BD Fortessa  14
BD FACsCalibur 
BD Accuri 2 4
Cytek Aurora 5 64


Please note: Class II work is available on both an analyser and a sorter.


New user?

New users can register with the facility via PPMS.

Please make a Training Request to arrange an induction


Who we are

Flow Facility Manager:
Jane Srivastava

Flow Cytometry Specialist:
Jess Rowley

Radhika Patel

How to find us

The main flow facility is located on the 5th floor of the Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensigton Campus, Room 532.

Contact details

Department of Life Sciences
Sir Alexander Fleming Building 
South Kensington Campus London SW7 2AZ

Ph: +44 (0)207 594 5423

FACS AriaIII High Speed Cell Sorter

Caption: FACS AriaIII High Speed Cell Sorter


Caption: Filters

Flow cell

Caption: Flow cell


Caption: BD Fortessa Analyser


Caption: Fortessa high throughput system