Great opportunities available to assist you in managing yourwork life balance 


My Family Care services

…are designed to meet the challenges that working parents and carers face and gives access to a wide range of back up services, advice and information. From specialist one-to one advice from experts, online resources, webinars to news updates, it is everything you need, all in one place.



…will help you address specific work-related challenges around people or projects, or issues relating to career development. Essentially, they help the coachee to resolve, prevent or forecast challenging situations. Find out more about Imperial College Coaches.


The Springboard Women’s Development Programme

…enables and encourages women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work and home, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps. Request to be added to the waiting list now and don’t miss out on this great opportunity to concentrate on you.



…all College staff and members of their family living with them can get free, confidential professional, help from Confidential Care, including information and advice on a wide range of work/ life issues including financial and legal problems, consumer and citizen rights, and finding child and elder care.


Workshops for New Parents and Parents-To-Be at Imperial

…the College recognises that the transition into the life changing event of parenthood can be both difficult and stressful for some and so these sessions will look at both the practical and emotional aspects to enable staff to develop in their careers post maternity/paternity through effective planning and communication.


Emergency childcare

Access to three backup care services – emergency childcare, school holiday cover and backup adult and eldercare.

Babies and Bumps

New parents and parents-to-be are invited to meet other Imperial Colleagues in a similar situation for informal networking and mutual support. HR will be present to answer any questions in relation to maternity and paternity leave.