Postdoc Handbook

All the info you need for your time as a Postdoc in the Department of Life Sciences: view and download the DoLS Postdoc Handbook


  • to engage with DoLS Postdocs and Early Career Research Fellows, support and encourage them to take advantage of the activities and development opportunities offered by the Department, and the College
  • to represent the Postdocs/Early Career Research Fellows’ ‘voice’ at Departmental Committees (Academic Opportunities Committee (AOC), Academic Staff Meeting, Research Strategy Committee, Health and Safety Committee and any relevant committees as identified)
  • to report to the AOC and the Postdoc Development Centre (PDC) on the impact of the activities
  • to identify and provide a diverse programme of personal and professional development activities for all Postdocs/Early Career Research Fellows at the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London
  • to implement the action points identified in the 2015 DoLS Athena SWAN Action Plan, and any further action plans thereafter
  • to provide development opportunities for the members of the Postdoc Committee through rotation of duties
  • to represent DoLS Postdocs/Early Career Research Fellows at the PDC termly meetings

Access full PDC Terms of Reference 2016

Access full ‌PDC Meeting Minutes‌‌

Committee Membership

group photo

From left to right, first row: Dr Poh-Choo Pang, Dr Rochelle Aw, Dr Masue Marbiah, Dr Alice Grob
From left to right, second row: Dr Joe Yu, Dr Marko Storch, Dr Roya Haghighat-Khah, Dr David Briggs, Dr Chris Wilson
Picture captured at the first committee meeting, held on 11 Jan 2016.