Academic Staff

Promotion to Senior Lecturer and conferment of the Title of Reader or Professor

Department of Life Sciences Academic Promotions 2016


All proposals in the Department (whether by departmental recommendation or self-application) will be considered by a panel composed of Line Managers (Tim Barraclough, Martin Buck, Austin Burt, George Christophides, Andrea Crisanti, Anne Dell, Alain Filloux, Nick Franks, Erhard Hohenester, Steve Matthews, Bill Rutherford, Vincent Savolainen, Murray Selkirk, Michael Sternberg, Michael Stumpf, Colin Turnbull, Alfried Vogler and Guy Woodward) and an elected non-Professorial member of staff in the case of Senior Lectureships, Senior Research Fellowships and the title of Reader, and by a panel of the Department’s Professors in the case of the title of Professor and Principal Research Fellow.

Line Managers should prepare a report that highlights the achievements and promotion potential of each of their staff and the report should be presented to the appropriate departmental Review Panel, together with any proposals for promotion or conferment of title. Please submit these reports to DoLS Executive Assistant by Monday 9 November 2015.

Important Dates 2014-15

09 October – Memorandum (email) from the HoD sent to all Academic and Research Staff regarding details of the Academic Promotions procedure and timeframe, including relevant links for further information.

By 9 November – all non-Professorial academic staff should submit their CVs to their Line Manager and Lenne Lillepuu (even if not actively seeking promotion). Line Managers should submit a report of each of their staff to DoLS Executive Assistant

Mid-November (date TBC) – Departmental Review Panel will meet to identify candidates to be put forward by the Department.

By 21 November – candidates to be put forward for promotion by the Department will be notified by the Head of Department.

By 24 November - staff intending to make a personal application for promotion should inform the Head of Department by letter of their intention, and should indicate the promotion they are seeking.

By 10 am on 30th November – all candidates for promotion (whether put forward by the Department or self-applicants) should submit Appendix C with section 2 of the form completed and signed, Appendix E to department/Lenne Lillepuu.

01 December 2015 – department to submit paperwork (Appendix C, Appendix E, Head of Department's Citation) to the Faculty of Natural Sciences by the department.

By 19 January 2016 - applicants submit the following to HR:

  • Four significant publications.
  • A summary (one side of A4 paper) of the importance and originality of the selected publications.
  • A copy of the results of teaching evaluation questionnaires.
  • A statement from the Director of Undergraduate Studies will provide a statement outlining the teaching responsibilities and capability.

April – May 2016 -candidates will be interviewed, invitations sent by HR.

June – July 2016 - HR inform applicants of decisions.

Please refer to the Academic Promotions webpages for all information relating to the process and criteria, and ensure you are familiar with all the Appendices and Guidance Notes.

Staff may wish to discuss the process informally with their Line Manager, the Head of Department or Anne Dell, the Chair of the Academic Opportunities Committee, who can provide informal guidance and advice.


Research & Support Staff

Research and Support Staff 

The November Job Level Review is now open for applications from Line Managers or personal applications. Please follow the Job Level Review Procedure for detailed guidelines on how to make an application.  Completed applications should be sent to DoLS Executive Assistant by 5 pm on Wed 21 Oct 2015 for HoD’s review/approval.

The procedure covers the following staff groups: Professional, Learning and Teaching, Technical and Operational Services Families (up to and including Level 6) and research staff in the Academic and Research Family (applications to Level B – Research Associate and to Level C – Research Fellow). It also applies to staff who have remained on the previous comparable grades e.g. ALC, CRA, Technical, Research. If the reviews are successful for any of these latter staff, they will join the appropriate job family on new terms and conditions.

Important to note:  

  • A request for a job level review should only be made when there has been a genuine increase in job size - a review should not  be used as a reward for good performance for which a separate mechanism exists (Performance Payments – to recommend additional increments/bonuses).
  • All staff must have an equal opportunity to be considered for job level review and recommendations from Line Managers must be free from bias in relation to age, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, or bias on any other grounds. Part-time staff, and staff on fixed-term contracts, must also receive equal treatment. HoDs and Faculty Operating Officers are also involved in the procedural process and they are required to adhere strictly to the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment.
  • Normally, when an application for a job level re-grading has been unsuccessful, applicants should wait a full year before re-applying for a further review.  During this period, the role may possibly grow, but it is unlikely to do so in a matter of months. 

Only job descriptions that are agreed by all parties, i.e. the individual, the line manager and the HoD, should proceed for job evaluation.

Please ensure that applications are complete. The most commonly omitted information is:

  1. Signature (of candidate, HoD, FOO, Line Manager )
  2. Boxes not ticked  to indicate if application is personal, supported by line manager, supported by department  
  3. Research Services Stamps and funding codes (if applicable)   
  4. Spine point. Promoted staff will be placed on the lowest spine point of the new level. Where a person is already at, or above the minimum level, then 1 increment will be given.  

Results will be disseminated in December 2015; promotions will be effective on 1 December 2015, unless an alternative date is chosen.

Job Level Review Procedure      Job Families (A-B) Guidance

Pay Relativity&Equal Pay

The Faculty of Natural Sciences will be undertaking a Pay Relativity and Equal Pay Exercise in June 2015. 

Recommendations for pay awards will be determined against the following criteria:

  • To address a significant misalignment of a member of staff’s salary when compared to others who have a similar role size and profile
  • To aid retention of staff, based on external benchmark data
  • To address equal pay differentials
  • To recognise substantial and sustained exceptional individual contribution

The review will encompass all staff in the Faculty and, as the review will mainly address permanent growth in roles or academic profile, recommendations are expected to be in the form of consolidated pay rises, rather than one-off payments for those staff on fixed salaries.  Where the recommendation is for a time-limited exceptional contribution then a one-off payment may be utilised.   For staff on incremental pay scales (Levels A-C and 1-5), it is anticipated that recommendations for the award of one-off non-pensionable payments, rather than accelerated incremental progression, will be appropriate in the majority of cases unless the activity has resulted in a permanent increase in responsibility. For non-academic roles, where there has been a permanent and significant growth in level of responsibility, a job level review may be more appropriate. 

In addition to benchmark data of average salaries per grade for the Faculty and College, equal pay data will also inform the review. 

Recommendations will be made by Heads of Department for pay increases or one-off payments to the Faculty Panel, comprising the Dean of Faculty (Chair), Faculty Operations Officer and Senior HR Manager.  The Director of HR and the Associate Provost (Institutional Affairs) will review and authorise the final submissions before implementation. 

Advice & Guidance

Academic Staff Promotions

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Research and Support Staff Promotions 

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  • Ms Pat Evans, Departmental Operations Manager (Support Staff)
  • Ms Allison HunterTechnical Operations Manager (Technical Staff)