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The Long Group has expertise in applied synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Research interests focus on transition metal and lanthanide chemistry for the synthesis of functional molecules, homogeneous catalysis and in recent years, probe design and novel methodologies for biomedical imaging.



September 2021

Congratulations to Brad and Tom, who have recently had a paper accepted in Dalton Transactions, with their work on "Synthesis and Ex Vivo Biological Evaluation of Gallium-68 Labelled NODAGA Chelates Assessing Cardiac Uptake and Retention".

Well done to Jin, who has had his paper on "A Kit-based Aluminium-[18F] Fluoride Approach to Radiolabelled Microbubbles" accepted to ChemComm.

July 2021

Congratulations to Drs. Saul Cooper and Megan Midson on passing their virtual PhD vivas! Saul's thesis was on "Novel Rhenium and Technetium Metal Complexes of N-centred Tripodal Phosphine Ligands Towards SPECT Imaging", and Megan wrote her thesis on "Novel nanoscopic multimodal imaging agents and their applications – Optical, CT, PET/SPECT and MRI active nanoparticles". Nick and the rest of the group wish Megan the best of luck at her new Course Developer and Demonstrator in Inorganic Chemistry role at at University of Oxford, and for Saul for his new post-doc position in the group.

Previous News

Previous News

May 2021

Congratulations to Ed, who has recently published in the Journal of the American Chemistry Society, with his work on "A Coumarin–Porphyrin FRET Break-Apart Probe for Heme Oxygenase-1"

Recently Ed's work was written about on this Imperial News article:
Cardiovascular disease could be diagnosed earlier with new glowing probe

January 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Clough on passing his virtual PhD viva on 'Imaging Probes for Pancreatic β Cells: Design, Synthesis and Testing'. Nick and the rest of the group wish him the best of luck at his new Postdoctoral Researcher role at The Institute of Cancer Research!

May 2020

Huge congratulations to Nick on winning the prestigious RSC Frankland Award for his 'outstanding synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry and subsequent applications in catalysis, functional materials and biomedical imaging'! He joins a highly impressive list of recipients in the field of inorganic chemistry.

April 2020

Congratulations to Dr Rhiannon Evans and Dr Peter Gawne on the successful defences of their theses. Good luck in the next steps of your careers! Peter will be joining the new Mithras scheme between Kings and Imperial as a post-doctoral researcher and Rhiannon is moving to work in York.

March 2020

A fond farwell to Dr Marie Bergner - it's been great having you in the group. You will be missed!

October 2019

A very warm welcome to our new PhD students Shane and Jin! Shane will be working on novel Mn complexes for PET/MR dual-modal imaging and Jin will be tackling radiolabelled microbubbles for dual-modal PET and Ultrasound imaging. Excited to see what the future holds!

Welcome also to our new MSci students Will and Max who will be working on porphyrin-based optical probes for imaging haem oxygenase activity (alongside Ed) and functionalised molecular wires for quantum-enhanced thermoelectrics (alongside Troy).

August 2019

Farewell to two long-standing members of the Long Group! Luke is moving to the University of York to take up a Levenshulme Early Career Fellowship, working on 'Paddlewheel-porphyrin conjugates for molecular electronics and solar harvesting'. Lijun is returning home to Hong Kong to continue her work in bioactivated optical probes. Good Luck!

June 2019

Congratulations to both Tamara and Jon on passing their viva voce examinations! Wishing you the best of luck going forward in your careers.

February 2019

A huge congratulations to Dr Sammy for successfully defending her thesis entitled 'Dinitrogen Activation of N-triphos Transition Metal Complexes'. Can't wait to see what chemistry is next!

January 2019

Well done Adam on the successful defence of his thesis regarding Gallium-68 chelates for mitochondrial imaging. Good luck in your new career!

January 2019

Congratulations to Jon on his newly published research paper in ACS Catalysis on the catalytic activity of Carbonic Anhydrase Mimics. Well done on all the hard work!

October 2018

We are pleased to welcome two new PhD students to the Long Group - Chloe and Bradley! Chloe will be working on new redox-active catalysts and Bradley will be exploring lipophilic cations for myocardial imaging.

Welcome back to two returning imaging students - Tom will be conducting his MRes research project in the group after completing his BSc, and Matt continues his PhD studies following completion of his MRes in colloboration with KCL. Welcome one and all!

September 2018

A very warm welcome to our new postdoctoral researcher Dr Edward Walter! Ed will be working on novel biomedical sensors for the detection of heme oxygenase activity. Good luck Ed!

August 2018

And we made it! The group is now safely installed in our exciting new home in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub at the White City Campus. Let the good times roll!

August 2018

Sadly it is time to bid a very fond farewell to two long-standing members of the group - Lucy and Javi. Best of luck to them both as they embark on the next stage of their careers!

July 2018

A very successful trip to the International Coordination Chemistry Conference (ICCC2018) in Sendai, Japan was had by half the group, complete with five fantastic oral presentations given by Luke, Lucy, Tamara, Adam & Sammy.

July 2018

Congratulations to Sammy on her research paper entitled 'Synthesis and reactivity of an N-triphos Mo(0) dinitrogen complex', published in Dalton Transactions. Good job!

May 2018

Its been a very successful couple of months for Peter with both a poster prize win at EMIM 2018 and a prize for the best Radiopharmacy Oral Presentation at the British Nuclear Medicine Society Meeting 2018! Peter's work on 52Mn-labelled ionophores for cell and liposome tracking will soon be published in Dalton Transactions.

April 2018

An excellent Dalton 2018 conference was enjoyed by all, with over half the group presenting posters or giving oral presentations. Great job Sammy and Adam on their tip-top research talks!