Project information

Elimination scenario planning

Over the past decade, substantial progress has been made in reducing the global burden of malaria. This has led an increasing number of countries to consider the possibility of malaria elimination.

We have worked with the WHO Global Malaria Programme, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and other academic partners to help develop the Elimination Scenario Planning Tool to provide guidance for National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCP) on how to assess the technical, operational and financial feasibility of moving to elimination. This includes a guidance manual published by the WHO Global Malaria Programme.

Most recent exercises have involved providing technical support for NMCP teams to help guide new national malaria strategy development in Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda and most recently in Senegal and Gambia. We also work closely with the NMCC in Zambia to support strategic planning through the Malaria Modelling Consortium.

Malaria Tools Software

Alongside the manual, we have developed our Malaria Tools software to allow NMCP staff to undertake some of the more complex calculations required. The software provides a user-friendly interface that allows programmes to enter data for each region in their country, and to use this to assess the likely impact of combinations of interventions on transmission metrics including EIR, prevalence, disease incidence and mortality. The latest version of malaria tools (version 3.2) is available for download via Dropbox.