The behaviour of materials as a function of temperature is investigated in the Thermal Analysis facility, where the major Thermal Analysis techniques involving the measurement of mass, temperature, heat flow and dimensions are available. With the exception of dilatometry, where a solid specimen is required, typical samples need only be a few mg and can be in bulk, powder or liquid form.

Thermal Analysis Facilities

The facility is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Netzsch 'Jupiter' simultaneous DSC/TGA instrument
  • Netzsch 402E dilatometer
  • Stanton Redcroft 780 series, simultaneous DTA/TGA instrument.

All of these instruments have a nominal maximum temperature of 1500°C and experiments can be conducted under a variety of atmospheres.

CASC - Centre for Advanced Ceramics

The Department also houses the high temperature thermal analysis facility of the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics (CASC). This facility is equipped with a DTA/TGA instrument and a Laserflash apparatus for thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity, both capable of measurements up to 2000°C, as well as a dilatometer up to 2400°C.