As an MEng student you will have to do a work placement over the summer period, lasting from 10 to 16 weeks. As we have strong links with organisations in Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia you can even choose to go abroad. The placement is a fantastic opportunity to work in a leading company or research establishment. You’ll gain experience that will prove invaluable – and you may well gain contacts to help kick start your career too.

MEng Materials Science and EngineeringMEng Biomaterials and Tissue EngineeringMEng Materials with Nuclear Engineering
You will compile a portfolio which will include a group design study and a literature review. On completion of the third year, there is a four-month placement in an industrial or research organisation abroad or in the UK.

The research project constitutes an important feature of the fourth year, which also includes advanced courses in ceramics, alloys, nuclear materials, surfaces, and interfaces and nanomaterials.

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Additionally to the core modules you will also study cell biology, biocompatibility and biomaterials for hard tissue restoration.

In the final year there are specialist courses in biomaterials for soft tissue restoration, tissue engineering and artificial organs, together with a large number of detailed case studies.  In the fourth year you will undertake a research project in a related subject which runs throughout the whole year.

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Addtionally to the core modules you will also cover modules in Nuclear Engineering including Nuclear Energy, Reactor Physics and Nuclear Chemical Engineering. At the end of the third year there is a four-month placement in nuclear or nuclear-related industry or research organisation either in the UK or abroad.

The research project will be related to nuclear materials and is an important feature of the fourth year.

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