The Department of Materials provides an excellent environment in which to develop your career. In addition to advice and administrative support during the application process we will provide outstanding mentoring during your fellowship, encourage the expansion of your research activity and support your career development. For successful applicants we will typically fully-fund a 3-year PhD studentship (for fellowships of more than 3 years) and support access to our state-of-the-art characterisation facilities. 

Most junior fellows will start out on a fixed-term contract. Progress will be assessed at the half-way point of the fellowship, and detailed feedback on what needs to achieved in order to be a competitive candidate for a full lectureship position either in the Department or elsewhere will be provided.

The Department seeks to recruit fellows who can develop independent research programmes that match its strengths and research strategy and will utilise its facilities.

Information for fellowship applicants

In writing an application or considering the Department of Materials at Imperial College London as the host institution, you should ensure your research activity compliments the Department’s research portfolio

Department Assessment Process (DAP)

All fellowships applications first go through an internal process called Departmental Assessment Process (DAP). This allows us to make an initial assessment of the suitablity of your application with regards to the Department's ability to support the fellowship you wish to apply to and to ensure that it fits our research strategy.  >> More about DAP

For advice on suitability to apply, please get in touch with:

For financial or general advice about an application any fellowship scheme, please get in touch with:

 Professor Norbert Klein
 Director of Research Programmes
 Department of Materials
 +44 (0)20 7594 6783
 Ms Claire Tibble
 Research Finance Manager
 Department of Materials
 +44 (0)20 7594 7229
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