An image of Adam Wu1) Why did you choose Imperial Materials?

On top of being a world-leading university, Imperial is home to a closely knit family of students, staff and academics who all share a passion in STEM. Imperial Materials is smaller in size than the majority of other courses here, and this allows us to be one of the most welcoming and friendly departments in the whole university. It's the perfect environment to learn about arguably one of the most underrated science and engineering disciplines available.

2) What is it like to study in London?

Studying in London is hectic - there’s no denying it. From the busy commutes to the grand architecture in central London, it’s definitely more exciting and probably more interesting than the small countryside town that I come from. Living costs are high, but there are many ways to be money smart, as well as cheaper accommodation choices (which are albeit further away from campus) for all budgets. From my experience, the halls further away are by far the nicest to live in!

3) What do you like about the course so far?

The design study in the first year is really fun and challenging. It’s a brilliant way to develop team-working and leadership skills whilst designing and manufacturing a product from scratch. I find it to be an exciting break from all the revision, and it really is satisfying finishing the design study with something you originally thought would be way too complicated to do successfully!

4) What your typical day like? 

On most days I have 3 one-hour morning lectures from 9:00 to 12:00, followed by lunch in the materials common room. On days where I’m too busy to make lunch, there are many places to buy food, for example in the RSM Cafe or in the Junior Common Room. A couple days I will be free after lunch, however a few times a week I will have workshops, design study or labs. In the workshops, we do problem sheets and we are able to ask the lecturers directly for help if needed. Maths tutorials are similar to these, but are in tutor groups of four, so they are really focused.