An image of Berenice Bulteel  1) Why did you choose Imperial Materials?

To be honest, I wasn't really sure about what I wanted to do later on or what kind of field I wanted to work on, so looking at Imperial Materials was really attractive courses are specific yet very broad. I see studying materials as an opportunity to combine many engineering fields. This degree allows you to apply what you are studying to any engineering application especially when lecturers mention different topics during their lectures. I think one of the most incredible things that I realised was that all the concepts we are learning as potential future materials scientists allow us to understand the basics of our surrounding world, from the action of breaking a paper clip to the thermodynamics of boiling water.

2) What is it like to study in London?

To me, studying in London is just an amazing opportunity as you realise that, in such a dynamic city undertaking any activity is possible, and this is reinforced by the multidisciplinary societies that the union present. Another incredible thing is to meet people from everywhere in the world, this allows a tremendous exchange of cultures and different viewpoints and this is, in my opinion so valuable while undertaking a degree where team work and understanding other people's opinion is essential.

3) What do you like about the course so far?

Simply starting to understand introductory concepts which literally shape the world. Unlike during high school, lecturers have very different approach to teaching, and make it way more interactive, as we use models and simulations during lectures or have the opportunity to build our own machine from scratch! I also really appreciate the sort of family spirit of the department, and the fact that lecturers always take into consideration feedback or questions that we may have. This varies a lot from the hierarchical perception of teaching from higher education in my home country.

4) What your typical day like?

To be honest, despite a stable routine - which takes a bit of time to install itself as we need to learn to organise ourselves properly - I guess every day is quite different. When we have lectures in the morning, we then have the opportunity to review them on the same afternoon which I usually do in the Materials common room, (sometimes it feels more friendly than the library) and then go to basket ball practice 3 times a week. When I have time, I also practice with my music band or go to jazz jams with friends which allows to have a quick break from work.