An image of Chloe Yan1)Why did you choose Imperial Materials? 

I first heard of Imperial years ago, just like hearing of Harvard and Yale. Then I began to research more about the university out of curiosity, as I wanted to know more about daily academic study to extracurricular life. My grandpa was an engineer and has many patents working in the railway. I knew how useful an engineer could be from hearing people talk about his career. I also knew science and tect can make a big change of our life but I wasn't sure exactly they could make a change.

When I was still studying A-level, I was really impressed by how Imperial College London had attend world-fame professors’ lecture, like Steven Hawking. I wanted to be there! Also I was  sure that there would be lots of students who had the motivation to study science and engineering and to invest something at Imperial College London. A positive study atmosphere is inspiring and attractive! Although I got an Unconditional offer from chemistry and material department, I wanted to know how science can be applied to real life. I read some chem papers (e.g. hydrogen generation) and found that material and chemistry were close linked with each other. It may seem abrupt that I choose material without learning it systematically before uni, but I never felt that I made a wrong choice.

2) What is it like to study in London?

The other main reason that I chose Imperial as my final decision is because I love London so much. I’ve travelled to the United States and the UK and I love London the best.  Studying in London was great. My first year was too short due to coronavirus and I haven’t fully explored London yet! As a foreign student, I feel that it's necessary to experience cultural differences in our spare time.

3) What do you like about the course so far?

I love my course mates. We are much more united that I could have imagined. Having good course mates make me love studying materials even more. Sometimes I feel like we are still like high school when everyone sits in the lecture hall but of course, it's not exactly the same as high school - as we are divided into groups to attend workshops, doing projects and tutorials. Group study helps us all to get to know each other better, instead of only communicating with friends who grow up in similar culture.

4) What your typical day like? 

I attend lectures in the morning and then have workshops or labs in the afternoons. Every Thursday evening I go to varsity training and sometimes I have matches on Wednesday afternoon. I am always very excited to play an away match because it was like travelling! At the weekend I hang out with friends, usually “eat eat eat” at different places in London!