An Image of George Morgan1) Why did you choose Imperial Materials? 

I chose Imperial because it is one of the top universities in the country and even the world. I wanted to study at the best place I could, and for me that was Imperial. I also, weirdly, liked the difficulty of the course. Out of the universities that I applied to, the course at Imperial seemed the hardest. This drew me in and with Imperial being in London (always an ambition of mine to study in London) - I was set.

2) What is it like to study in London?

Studying in London is great. The experience is two-fold; the experience of travelling to and from university, and places like the library, is extremely motivating as I am surrounded by the hustle-and-bustle of London and its energy. Secondly - when I’m at university, it doesn’t feel like I’m in London. Therefore any negative connotations of being in London can’t be applied to university studies - it is only good!

3) What do you like about the course so far?

On the whole, I like the diversity of the course, the amount of content we do and also the level of detail. In my first year we learnt a wide range of content, in the level of detail that is satisfactory for understanding, whilst not having to be in university too much so that I had free time to do activities/sport/explore London but also enough so that I was busy! Whereas in later years, you’re able to pick and choose the parts you find most interesting and so study these areas in more detail.

4) What your typical day like? 

Everyday is different - and that’s a good thing! Lectures are quite consistent throughout the week (9-12) and a couple hours in the afternoon, but my afternoons are varied. I play rugby every Wednesday afternoon and so train on Monday evenings. Besides this, I spend my time mostly at home with my three other housemates going through workshop questions, or arranging transport for the rugby club (my current committee role), at the gym or relaxing (essentially doing nothing, when I can!).