A past colloquim: people listening to a lecture at ImperialThe Departmental Colloquia series began in 2010. The purpose of the series is two fold: to hear from some of the world's leading mathematicians and statisticians, and to provide a forum for the department (faculty, research fellows, and postgraduate students) to meet.

There is usually a reception following the talk, with an opportunity to meet the speaker.

Upcoming Colloquia:

Edmund Harriss, a mathematician and artist in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arkansas. He has done research on the geometry of tilings and patterns, such as the Penrose tiling, but moEdmund Harrissre recently describe himself as pursuing unusual applications of mathematics. Some of these are really quite traditional, for example working with physicists to model the geometry of two dimensional crystals, but others are more exotic controlling robots and working with architects and designers. His research has appeared in a wide range of journals including Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, and in the national and international media, including New Scientist, NPR and the Guardian. His artwork is installed in several universities from Imperial College to the University of Arkansas. He has published two colouring books with Alex Bellos that between them give a wide overview of mathematics including many active research areas, and created the mathematical toy Curvahedra https://curvahedra.com.

Further information on Edmund Harriss research can be found here.

The link to the abstract can be found here.

Past Colloquia

2018 (Meng, Sheffield, Gneiting, Warnow, Dafermos)

2017 (Stuart, Kühn, Tokieda, Villani, Davison, Holmes, Stewart)

      Statistical Models for Complex Extreme Events (Nelder Lecture)
     Thursday 9th March
     Further details including the abstract

2016 (Rosenbaum, Granville, Milton, Mallat, Bridson)

2015 (Diaconis, Newell, Joshi, Schoen)

2014 (Gelman, Davis, Green, Caffarelli, Hairer)

2013 (Serfaty, Senn, Tenenbaum, Bertozzi)

2012 (Werner, Fokas, McCullagh)

2011 (Cox, Otto, Embrechts)

2010 (Gowers, Lieb, Sinai)