A past colloquim: people listening to a lecture at ImperialThe Departmental Colloquia series began in 2010. The purpose of the series is two fold: to hear from some of the world's leading mathematicians and statisticians, and to provide a forum for the department (faculty, research fellows, and postgraduate students) to meet.

There is usually a reception following the talk, with an opportunity to meet the speaker.

Upcoming Colloquia:

Professor Russ Caflisch (NYU, Courant Institute)

Russ Caflisch

Date :        Tuesday, 14th May 2019
Time:        17:00
Venue:      Huxley 144
 Further information on the talk and abstract are comming soon. The talk will be followed by reception in  the Huxley Common Room (549)

Professor Hugo Duminil-Copin (Universite de Geneve)

Hugo Duminil - Copin

Date :        Thursday, 16th May 2019
Time:        17:00
Venue:      Huxley 213


Title: Counting Self-Avoiding Walks on a Lattice, from Combinatorics to Physics.

Abstract: A self-avoiding walk (SAW) on a graph is a path which does not visit any vertex twice. In this talk, we study an enumeration problem consisting in counting such walks of given lengths. More precisely, we will present the proof (obtained jointly with S. Smirnov) of a conjecture of Nienhuis stating that the number of SAWs of length non the hexagonal lattice grows like \sqrt{2+\sqrt 2}^{n+o(n)}. The proof will also shed new light on a very instructive and beautiful phase transition in the geometric properties of long SAWs.

The talk will be followed by reception in the Huxley Common Room (549) 


Past Colloquia

2019 (Titi, Wolf, Reid)

Dr Edriss Titi
Title: On Recent Advances of the 3D Euler Equations by Means of Examples
15 January 2019
Further details including abstract

Dr Julia Wolf
Title: The Structure of stale sets
08 February 2019
Further details including abstract

Professor Nancy Reid
Title: In Praise of Small Data: Statistical and Data Science
20 March 2019
Further details including abstract

2017 (Stuart, Kühn, Tokieda, Villani, Davison, Holmes, Stewart)

      Statistical Models for Complex Extreme Events (Nelder Lecture)
     Thursday 9th March
     Further details including the abstract

2016 (Rosenbaum, Granville, Milton, Mallat, Bridson)

2015 (Diaconis, Newell, Joshi, Schoen)

2014 (Gelman, Davis, Green, Caffarelli, Hairer)

2013 (Serfaty, Senn, Tenenbaum, Bertozzi)

2012 (Werner, Fokas, McCullagh)

2011 (Cox, Otto, Embrechts)

2010 (Gowers, Lieb, Sinai)