A past colloquim: people listening to a lecture at ImperialThe Departmental Colloquia series began in 2010. The purpose of the series is two fold: to hear from some of the world's leading mathematicians and statisticians, and to provide a forum for the department (faculty, research fellows, and postgraduate students) to meet.

There is usually a reception following the talk, with an opportunity to meet the speaker.

Upcoming Colloquia:

Dr Julia Wolf: The structure of stable sets

Dr Julia Wolf is a  University Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Clare College. As Director of Taught Postgraduate Education in the Faculty of Mathematics.

Her research focuses on identifying and quantifying arithmetic structure in dense sets of integers and combines Fourier-analytic, combinatorial and probabilistic methods. It forms part of a thriving area called arithmetic combinatorics, a subject that includes many beautiful results such as the Green-Tao Theorem on long arithmetic progressions in the primes. Some of  her work has close connections with ergodic theory and applications to theoretical computer science.

Date : Friday, 8th February 2019
Venue and time: Clore LT 213, Huxley Building, from 17:00-18:00 (The talk will be followed by reception in the Huxley Common Room, 549)

Further information on Dr Julia Wolf's research can be found here.

The link to the colloqium can be found here.

Past Colloquia

2017 (Stuart, Kühn, Tokieda, Villani, Davison, Holmes, Stewart)

      Statistical Models for Complex Extreme Events (Nelder Lecture)
     Thursday 9th March
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2016 (Rosenbaum, Granville, Milton, Mallat, Bridson)

2015 (Diaconis, Newell, Joshi, Schoen)

2014 (Gelman, Davis, Green, Caffarelli, Hairer)

2013 (Serfaty, Senn, Tenenbaum, Bertozzi)

2012 (Werner, Fokas, McCullagh)

2011 (Cox, Otto, Embrechts)

2010 (Gowers, Lieb, Sinai)

2019 (Titi)