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UG 1st Year Tutorial Questions

Questions and Solutions for Discussion in Tutorial Sessions

Some questions on first-year problem sheets have been designated with a * .  These are intended for discussion in weekly tutorials, though tutors may wish to also discuss other questions and other material.

Tutors can access questions with solutions via link below. The solutions will tell you the notation and method the lecturer expects the students to use. The students will get the questions through their lectures and will be told to prepare these in advance for discussion with you.

The students will not get any marks for their work in weekly tutorials, but these problems should give you something constructive to talk about in personal tutorials and enable you to monitor the progress of your tutees from an early stage. Of course we all have personal tutorials at different points in the week so you may find yourself discussing questions from the previous week if this week's questions have only just been made available, but this is not a problem. The important thing is that each tutorial is constructive and enables each student to gain confidence in solving problems.

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