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Expenses Policy/Forms + Travel Advice

The information below is just a summary. Please read travel advice pages for further guidance.

Students and staff on College related trips are covered by the college travel insurance. Please follow guidance from the Travel insurance page.

Currency conversion can be calculated on the exchange rate page.

General Fianance guidelines can be found on the 'Summary of changes' document found on the expenses policy page (college login required).

In a nutshell…

  1. Receipts need to be kept for every item in the claim form (even if below £10). Bank statement alone is not enough. All claims must have actual VAT receipt.
  2. Each receipt will go on a new line on the form. No longer summary of same claims in one line on the form.
  3. Subsistence: There is a simpler table with subsistence rates for each countries/region of the world.
  4. Flights and Hotel: students can book directly with any company.
  5. Rail: UK under £100 – book through any operating company  // UK £100+ = must use Red Spotted Hanky
  6. Car hire: book through Avis, Budget, Enterprise or Egencia. Please make sure you register with Egencia to be able to make bookings (download: Egencia online booking form - Maths PhD students MS WORD). You can pay for it with your own bank card and claim expenses the normal way (E1 form).
  7. For overseas car hire you should use the hire company’s insurance and the fullest policy available.

PhD students representatives

AppliedStatisticsPure Maths-FinanceOverall rep

Marina Amado Ferreira 
Huxley 6M09

Amado Ferreira

Matt Price_Williams 
Huxley 537


Chiara Taranto 
Huxley 613



Luca Mingarelli 
Huxley 6M09


Research student representatives

PhD Section Tutors

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Dr Harry Zheng


Dr Nicholas Heard

Dr Nicholas Heard

Prof Boguslaw Zegarlinski

Prof Boguslaw Zegarlinski

Dr Nick Jones

Dr Nick Jones

Mathematics research section tutors

Director of PG Studies & Welfare Tutor

Director of PG Studies

Prof Henrik Jeldtoft JensenProf Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen

I am the Director of Postgraduate Studies (DPS). I chair PG committee meetings and am responsible for interfacing with the college and EPSRC and overall strategic opportunities. I also assists the section PG tutors and the Welfare Tutor when needed.

PG Student Welfare Tutor

Dr Tony BellottiDr Tony Bellotti

I am the Postgraduate Welfare Tutor in Mathematics. Please contact me if you have a non-academic problem, such as medical or financial, which is troubling you and is affecting your research work.