• PhD Induction Timetable 2019/20 (available soon)
  • P‌G Handbook - 2019/20 (available soon)

First steps for Maths PhD offer holders

Check your application status

Please check your student e-service for details of the condition of your offer.

Original documents
If you have been asked to supply evidence documents, please send the original documents to:

Imperial College London
Registry: Admissions
Natural Sciences PG team
Sherfield Building, Level 3
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

ns.admissions@imperial.ac.uk or +44 (0)20 7594 7260

Please note that the receipt of your document does not show on the online application tracking system immediately. Even if you have had delivery confirmation from a postal/courier service, it might take 48 hours to reach Admissions, from the College central postal department. It can take up to two weeks to process the qualifications clearance.

Please inform the Maths PG Administrator  if you will not be able to meet the offer conditions by the start of academic year.

Registration / enrolment

All students, whether new or returning, must enrol online at the earliest opportunity through the Student e-Service.

It is important for all students to register as soon as possible, particularly if you have been awarded a scholarship, as the payments cannot be arranged until you have been fully registered.

Please note that sometimes due to a technical error students might not receive the notification so we strongly advise you to check your record via student e-service.

Activate a College account

If you have registered as a student at the College, then you have already agreed to abide by The Conditions of Use for the College IT facilities.

You should already have activated your College computer account; if you have been unable to do this then please visit the ICT service desk on level 4, Sherfield Building.

To activate your Imperial College London account and set your first password while on College premises, login to a College computer using the following details and following the steps:

  • Username - activate
  • Password - Activate!

This will activate your account and allow you to set your first password.

Alternatively, if you are not on College premises, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Activate account.
  2. Read the Terms and conditions of use shown and click on the Accept button.
  3. Enter your full name as given to the College on your application form.
  4. Enter your date of birth.
  5. Enter your College Identifier (CID), found on all official College correspondence and your College campus card.
  6. Enter the College Identity (CID) card number. Find out about CIDs at: College accounts and CIDs.
  7. Create a password and confirm it by entering it a second time.
  8. Click the Activate account button.

If the details are correct, your College account will be activate within a few second and your College account and email address will be displayed.

Council tax exemption letter (students living in privately rented accommodation)

After you have completed your online enrolment, you can then request a council tax exemption letter from the Student Hub.

The Student Hub (Level 3, Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus) will be open during arrivals weekend (1st weekend in October) between 10am and 4pm to answer all student queries, and to provide the facility for the payment of fees (self-funded students). Please note: the Hub does not accept cash payments, and students are encouraged to pay online where possible.

Bursary payment set up

Applies to students under scholarship schemes managed by the department or College. 

Students will only get paid after:

(i)   conditions of offer have been met
(ii)  offer officially accepted on the student e-service
(iii) bank details uploaded onto the on the ‘Student Funding’ tab on the student e-service
(iv)  online registration has been fully completed

Bursary is paid on the 7th of each month.

Please be aware that it takes at least a couple of weeks to process the bursary payment request. It is advisable that you have your own means of support for the first 6 weeks of study in case of delays. Department Postgradaute Administrator is your first point of contact. 

By submitting your bank details via the student e-service portal, you are confirming that you agree with terms and conditions of the award. 

a)      Payment schedule

New students who enrolled and provided their bank details on the student e-service by :Payment will be made on:
24 September 07 October
01 October 14 October
08 October 21 October
15 October 28 October
24 October 07 November
11 November 21 November
26 November 06 December
Payment schedule

 From the second month onwards, bursary payments reach students’ bank account every 7th of each month. 

b)     UK bank accounts (preferred, standard method)

Payment of student bursaries are normally made only to UK bank accounts.  Students are encouraged to open a bank account before arriving at Imperial College.  Details of bank accounts should be submitted as soon as possible, using the secure student e-service web-portal, on the ‘Student Funding’ tab. 

c)      Overseas bank accounts (as an emergency measure for the first month)

We are aware that it is not easy or quick for newly-arrived overseas students to set up a UK bank account.  Where possible, they should approach a branch of a UK bank in their own country, to see if arrangements can be made in advance of their arrival in the UK.

As a short-term measure, we can make payment directly to an overseas bank account subject to the following conditions:

(i)   The account must belong to the student, or to a parent or friend whose identity and connection to the student can be verified;

(ii)  Details of the account (name and address of bank; name and address of account holder; swift code, bank account number and/or IBAN) should be sent to the bursary office by email, not using the secure e-service portal described above for UK banking details.  Emails should be sent from an Imperial College email address (not gmail, Hotmail or similar),

(iii)  As soon as a UK bank account is opened, the student should provide details via the e-service portal, and also send another email to the bursaries office to tell them to discontinue overseas payments.

(iv)   Payments to overseas bank accounts will take longer than to UK banks, so the timetable set out above cannot be complied with, but is still likely to be faster than waiting until a UK bank account is available.

Please bear in mind that the amount you will be paid will vary due to exchange rates. This alternative option might also take considerably longer for the payment to reach the overseas bank account.

How to obtain a College ID card

New students will receive instructions on how to register for a College ID card by email. Information will be sent to every email account that Registry have listed for you. Please check your spam box just in case!

  • You will be asked to visit Student e-Service to provide your personal details in order to complete your College ID registration.
  • You will be required to print your ‘Registration Confirmation’ page- this will appear in your Student e-Service once you have registered. You will need to keep this safe as you may need this later on.
  • You will be asked to upload a photograph. Important: please note that this option is only available up until the day before your course start date.

Overseas students: As well as uploading a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport and to enter your passport number on the student e-service, you will also need to attend a session to show the original visa documentation. Registry will send you an email with the visa registration dates/sessions. Please check your spam box, just in case.

Students residing in private accommodation: If you have uploaded a photograph, and are arriving in week one, your card will be sent to your department to distribute.

If you have not uploaded a photograph, and are arriving in week one, you must take your Registration Confirmation page to Security (ID Card Office – level 1 – Sherfield Building) in order to have your picture taken. The ID card will then be sent to your department* to distribute.

If you arrive after week one, you will need to take your Registration Confirmation page to Security where you will have your photo taken and will be issued with your ID card.

* Security will send the ID cards to the Department Postgraduate Administrator.

Information on how to settle in and find your way around

Please also visit the new students webpages for further information on preparing for university life and to guide you through your first few weeks at the College.

Students with disabilities

The Disability Advisory Service offers confidential advice and support to students with a disability, specific learning difficulty, enduring health or mental health condition.

Departmental Disability Officers

Departmental Disability Officers are the first point of contact within a student's department. They will apply for special exam arrangements on the student's behalf, and will facilitate the student's support within the department.

The Postaduate Welfare Tutor will be your fisrt point of contact:

Dr Tony Bellotti pgr.welfare@imperial.ac.uk +44 (0)20 7594 8521

International Students - Visa Distribution Update

Extensive advice is available for international students on the International Student Support website.

The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) office recently announced changes to the way Tier 4 student visas are being issued.  From 31 July 2015, students who apply for a visa lasting longer than six months will be issued with a visa in two parts: a 30 day visa to allow students to enter the UK and a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) that will cover the full duration of their studies.

The Registry team been working on a plan to deliver a smooth student service to meet the UKVI requirements and I am writing to share the plans and activity that will take place at the start of the academic year.

The UKVI requirement was that students would have to collect their BRP at the nearest approved Post Office (in Imperial’s case, High Street Kensington) within 10 days of arrival in the UK.

Imperial was offered the opportunity to collect and distribute BRP’s rather than the students having to make a trip to the Post Office on High Street Kensington. This option also allows the Registry team to scan the BRP’s and store them on the student record which is a UKVI Sponsor Licence requirement.

Students can select where they collect their BRP and we are advising students to select Imperial as the alternative collection location field during their visa application.

Students who select Imperial as the location for collection will be emailed inviting them to book a slot so they can pick up their BRP, which they should be able to slot around their Departmental induction activity and programme timetable. This booking process is to try and manage the numbers of students visiting the Sherfield Building at any one time, to minimise long queues and make it a positive starting experience of Imperial life.

The Registry team will be issuing approximately 3,000 BRPs at the start of term. Please follow the instructions on the email you will receive in September from Registry.

Student Hub, Level 3 Sherfield Building (for opening-times please visit the Student Hub website).

Click here for further information about the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) distribution.