• Is there a part-time option?
    No, there is currently no part-time option.

  • How big is the MSc?
    The cohort size is typically around 50 students.

  • When can I apply?
    Please see the Applications deadline section here: http://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/pg/mathematics/statistics/

  • I do not have a Mathematics or a Statistics degree. Can I apply for this course?
    We encourage applications from outstanding students from other disciplines who are able to demonstrate
    • strong mathematical ability and
    • a well motivated and genuine interest in advanced study in Statistics.
    Prior studies involving only elementary courses in mathematics and statistics and the mere use of standard statistical software packages (e.g. SPSS, SAS) are normally not considered to be adequate preparation for this course.

  • What statistical software is being used?
    Most courses that have practical parts will use R as main language.

  • Do I need programming experience?
    A number of courses on the MSc programme will involve computational work in the statistical programming language, R. It is strongly desirable that you have some prior experience of any modern programming language, e.g. R, Java, C/C++, Python, MATLAB, etc.

  • I completed my studies many years ago and I have been working in industry. Can I apply?
    Experienced applicants with relevant industrial experience are highly encouraged to apply. All candidates are subject to the same selection criteria.

  • I did not receive an offer. Why?
    The number of high quality applications we receive greatly exceeds the number of places available on the course. Unfortunately, this means that we have to disappoint a large number of applicants.

  • Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?
    We will provide limited feedback on request. Please e-mail statsmsc@imperial.ac.uk for this. However, note that many rejections are due to the heavily oversubscribed nature of this particular stream.
  • Can I apply for a specialised stream and the general MSc in Statistics?
    If you are interested in applying for one of the specialised streams, please list your chosen stream as your first choice in your application: MSc in Statistics (Theory and Methods), MSc in Statistics (Applied), MSc in Statistics (Biostatistics), MSc in Statistics (Statistical Finance). If your chosen specialised stream is full, you will automatically be considered for the MSc in Statistics. It is not necessary to list both the MSc in Statistics and your chosen specialisation stream in your application form. 
  • Can I apply for two specialised streams?
    We recommend that you apply for your first choice of specialised stream in the first instance or for the general MSc in Statistics. Please see details below for switching between streams once the programme has started. 
  • Can I switch streams?

    Once you start the programme, you can decide to switch to the general stream or any other stream in term 1, before the specialisation occurs. One major difference between the streams is the research project topic. It may be possible for you to switch streams after term 1, subject to staff being available to supervise a suitable project topic in the particular steam.

  • Do you have a set allocation of places per stream?
    Yes, the number of places on the specialised streams are limited. 
  • Is there a deadline to reply to my offer?
    You must reply to your offer within 28 days of the offer being made, otherwise it will automatically be withdrawn by the Admissions system. Once you accept your offer you will be invoiced to pay a deposit and will have 28 days to complete payment. If the deposit payment has not been made in the allocated time frame, your offer will be withdrawn.
  • Does it matter which application round I apply in?
    We recommend applying early, especially if you are interested in studying one of our specialised streams.