PhD in Pure Mathematics

The Pure Mathematics Section is consistently rated one of the top in the country for research. Our research groups are:

  • Algebra and Combinatorics
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Geometry – applications must go through the CDT LSGNT*
  • Number Theory – applications must go through the CDT LSGNT*
  • Stochastic Analysis

Visit our Pure Mathematics section research groups webpages for an overview of these areas.

Please bear in mind that it is also common for both members of staff and PhD students to pursue research that does not readily fall under one of the above headings. PhD applicants are encouraged to consult the home pages of our academic team, and contact those whose research areas align with your interest.

*Please note that the entry route for the Geometry and Number Theory research groups, within the Pure Mathematics Section, is through the CDT LSGNT. Applicants for these two specific research groups should submit their application directly to the CDT LSGNT.

For general information on Research Programmes in Mathematics, including information on how to apply, entry requirements and funding opportunities, please visit the prospective PhD student page.