‌‌The Mathematics Department offers eight BSc Honours degrees and three MSci Honours undergraduate degrees.  Recent additions are the Maths with Education degrees, in which students simultaneously acquire a BSc/MSci degree along with Qualified Teacher Status. There are also Joint Mathematics and Computing degrees, administered by the Computing department.

Our undergraduate degree programmes provide students with a general introduction to the main areas of mathematics in the first two years and then permit students to specialise in the third and fourth, when they are welcome to choose from an extremely wide range of modules. As the first two years of the BSc and MSci degrees are essentially the same, there is some opportunity for transfer between these degrees on academic grounds.

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The overall objectives within the various degree programmes are to give excellence in chosen areas of study, to impart key knowledge of other areas, to give basic competence in certain marketable skills and to instil and maintain enthusiasm.  In order to achieve this aim the undergraduate degree programme remains under continuous consideration with respect to overall structure, individual module content and teaching methods. 

Below you can see the basic information around the courses the Department offers.

Current students should visit the Blackboard page MathsCentral for timetables, updates or course annoucements. 

Year Level Guides

Joint Maths and Computing (JMC) 

Programme Specifications 2017-2018

The Programme Specifications for 2017-2018 can be found on the College pages.

Programme Specifications 2016-2017

Please visit the Computing Department for the JMC Programme Specifications 

Programme Specifications from 2015-2016


ECTS - Bologna Process

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a Europe-wide credit system for higher education. You can find the ECTS points awarded per module and course in the Programme Specifications above. For more information about ECTS and the Bologna Process, please visit the College pages.

Key Information Sets (KISs)

Key Information Sets (KISs) provide data with which prospective students and others can compare instantly any Imperial College undergraduate degree with equivalent programmes elsewhere in the UK.  They are designed to provide objective information about institutions and their degree programmes that will inform decision-making. 

The Department's results within each course can be seen on their individual course page.

Competence Standards

The Mathematics Competence Standards for all BSc & MSci Maths Degree Programmes are broadly mapped to the Appropriate Programme Specification Learning Outcomes. The Competences indicate the desired Learning Outcome and the standards by which these are measured.

FoNS Competence Standards - Maths Final