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"Together we help support our fellow colleagues and make a difference with our charming smiles (and obviously a bit of work!)" 

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Meetings of the Staff Student Committee are held twice in the Autum and Spring terms and once in the Summer term. These meetings allow the Department to share information and new initiatives to the Student Representatives to disseminate more largely. It is also an opportunity to have discussions around student concerns and gain student feedback on College and departmental policies and procedures. Both Academic and Wellbeing Student Representatives attend and present relevant issues at the meetings. Student representation is viewed highly in the Department, both in developing the programme as well as supporting the student experience.

Any actions arising from these meetings are implemented by the Student Representatives, Senior Tutor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Liaison Officer. When introducing new elements to the course we conduct internal reviews and ask for student feedback as part of this process.

Members of the Committee

Members of the Committee


Senior Tutor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

1st Year Tutor - Dr Davoud Cheraghi

2nd Year Tutor - Dr Martin Rasmussen

3rd Year Tutor - Dr Chris Hallsworth

4th Year Tutor - Dr Gunnar Pruessner


Departmental IT Infrastructure Committee

Professor Niall Adams


Student Experience Coordinator

Sai Yoghananthan


Undergraduate Liaison Officer

Inkeri Hibbins 


Departmental RepreseNtative

Lorenz Wolf

All current Year Reps can be found on MathsCentral


Sarah"I’ve been lucky to have been chosen as the Year Representative for the Departmental Student Staff Committee and have been active in supporting my peers with academic questions or concerns they have had, liaising with the Departmental staff on issues students raise. I started off as a first year maths student representative when I arrived and now have moved on to the Maths Department Student Representative. There are also the Academic Affairs Officer (AAO) and President/Deputy President of Education that oversee the Faculty affairs. Together we help support our fellow colleagues and make a difference with our charming smiles (and obviously a bit of work :) )! It’s been great to be part of this system throughout my time at Imperial."