UG Academic Staff 

Professor David Evans Professor David Evans - Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Chris Ford Dr Chris Ford – Senior Tutor & Disabilities Officer

Table of CRT contacts 

Year Tutors 2017-2018

Dr Charlotte Kestner

Year 1 - Dr Charlotte Kestner

Dr Gunnar Pruessner

Year 2 - Dr Gunnar Pruessner

Dr David Helm

Year 3 - Dr David Helm

Professor Andrew Walton

Year 4 - Professor Andrew Walton

UG Administrative Staff

Mrs Inkeri Hibbins & Mrs Anne-Marie Hilder - Undergraduate Liaison Officers 

Mrs Donna Pile-Grant & Mrs Agnieszka Damasiewicz Niccolai - Undergraduate Teaching Office

Mr Jabed Mohammed – Examinations Officer

Ms Sioned Morgan – UG & MSc Mathematics & Finance Admissions Administrator 

Student Departmental Representative 2017-2018
Mr Michael McGill (Year 3)

Math Soc President 2017-2018

Ms Aimee He (Year 3)