Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and is something we consider in our stragetic decisions and everyday activities. With staff & students dedicated to the fair processing of essential activities, we strive to encourage equality in everything we do; from admissions & recruitment and supporting our existing staff and students in their studies and career ambitions, to working with other College teams and external training providers to ensure that all members of the department are active bystanders and trained in unconscious bias. 

On this webpage you can find out about some of the work that the Department has been working on, in conjuction with our Equality & Diversity Departmental Culture Committee (EDDCC), including:

  • Initiatives for Research staff
  • Actions for the student cohort
  • Athena SWAN award and action plan
  • EDDCC membership

Research staff

Research staff make up the majority of the staff cohort in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

Mechanical Engineering has a dedicated Postdoc Champion who is supported by a minimum of three Postdoc representatives who voice the concerns and opinions of the research community back to Department management. The Postdoc reps are also active members of the EDDCC, with at least one coming to every committee meeting. 

We support our research staff applying for fellows with rigorous peer review processes and mock interviews. The additional time and effort put into supporting these fellowship applications results a higher than average success rate of winning this type of funding.

The Department has appointed a Maternity Champion specifically to support our research staff. Now a Senior Lecturer, they provide first-hand advice to our on taking parental leave during a postdoc contract, and what funding or fellowships that might be available to new parents.

To ensure that every researcher feels the benefit of their annual review, we commit to providing support in areas identified by research staff as important. We work closely with the Postdoc & Fellows Development Centre to signpost and deliver bespoke training sessions and workshops.

Athena SWAN